Front Office Operation

Mr. James Zein has been working in Hotel Sun Jaya since 1975 and has found his forte in handling Front Office responsibilities. In 1995, he moved to Apartment Istana Sun, was appointed Leader Front Office and tasked to control all front office operation.

He does his work in a systematic fashion and expects his subordinates to be the same. He admits that he was able to assimilate his work style from his stay with the hotel and is grateful for the development of such ability. He works by his own rules, but is able to conform to AIS regulations as well and deliver what is expected of him. Despite the difficult situation and lack of support, he still tries to do his work correctly and accomplish all tasks that are assigned to him. Continue reading

Becoming a Transportation Manager

Mr. Gerard is a happy worker who regards work as something enjoyable and a blessing because God’s gift and God’s will that he got the job. He likes to work hard and his best, and uses his time productively in the work situation and after working hours. A company loyal, he always puts his commitment to work and supports the company’s activities at his best. He is very focused in handling his tasks and will not even go home until his duties are done.

A practical worker, Mr. Gerard is very familiar with transportation matters and tends to use his past experience in handling his daily problems. He is very organized and systematic in his work habits. He will arrange and make sure that everything is on track and running according to his work plan and schedule. Continue reading

Becoming A Good Front Office Manager

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Mr. Diego appears to have a clear understanding of his position and the responsibilities that is associated with it. He is hard working and yearns to improve himself further. He is considered a “self-starter” and takes the initiative to do a task without needing to be told or learn something new if the hotel administration is unable to provide the training for it. He displays flexibility in his job and has a high regard for details thereby making him an effective planner.

As the new Front Office Manager in-charge, Mr. Diego has an overabundance of new ideas to better the operations of the Front Office. Among his various plans for the Front Office is the introduction of the multi-tasking system, which according to him will produce well-rounded employees. Even though his plan is yet to be implemented, he appears to be extremely eager and enthusiastic about it. Continue reading

Becoming an Effective Purchasing Manager

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Mr. Ben has been the Assistant Purchasing Manager in- charge for three months now. He is organized and neat in doing his work because his major responsibilities among others are to deal with entities, money and people. He gives an extreme regard for details and prefers to attend to a task one at a time. He is practical and uses his past experiences as basis for his decisions. He regards work as something important to fulfill the needs of his family and himself.

Mr. Ben does not have much opportunity to develop and exercise his leadership skills for he rarely interacts with subordinates directly. He is, however, responsible for managing and coordinating them. He uses his social skills to communicate orders to his staff and rarely uses a strict and autocratic form of leadership. Continue reading

Manager and People Development

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Mr. Deny is the type of worker who has high sense of responsibility. In his position as Assistant FO Manager, he is able to divide his concentration to do several tasks at a time. Aside from handling major duties, he also likes teaching and giving technical training as he puts much concern on people development. He encourages his supervisors to teach the staff and give them opportunity to conduct technical training on regular basis. Mr. Deny sees his work as something enjoyable. Being one of the ex- back office staff, he has modified his personality characteristics to serve guests and supervise frontliners.

Mr. Deny has good analytical and conceptual skill. He enjoys the time developing training modules, and applying theories and ideas when teaching his staff as well as handling his daily tasks and problems. He is also highly concerned about the accuracy and completeness of data. He is systematic and makes sure that all documents are put on file in neat and orderly manner. He is creative in developing simple forms and work systems so that his staff can handle their tasks more efficiently. Continue reading