Becoming a Transportation Manager

Mr. Gerard is a happy worker who regards work as something enjoyable and a blessing because God’s gift and God’s will that he got the job. He likes to work hard and his best, and uses his time productively in the work situation and after working hours. A company loyal, he always puts his commitment to work and supports the company’s activities at his best. He is very focused in handling his tasks and will not even go home until his duties are done.

A practical worker, Mr. Gerard is very familiar with transportation matters and tends to use his past experience in handling his daily problems. He is very organized and systematic in his work habits. He will arrange and make sure that everything is on track and running according to his work plan and schedule.

Mr. Gerard does not position himself as a strong leader. Instead he applies his personal charm and social skill to lead and persuade his subordinate drivers. He motivates them by sharing his ideas and own feelings as he tells them to be realistic and thankful for what they have. He never stops this kind of discussion with them and encourages them to work hard.

Mr. Gerard knows his job by heart. He is so used to transportation problems and can be expected to take decision quickly. He revealed that he had some suggestions, which led to a more efficient and cost-saving activities. He suggested limiting the radius of female staff transportation facility from 40 km to 25 km to save gasoline. He instructs the drivers to do simple maintenance activities by themselves.


Mr. Gerard comes across as a calm and sincere individual who has positive outlook in life. He looks energetic; a motivator who likes to inspire people to work hard and be productive. His social nature shows him to be an outgoing individual who enjoys social interaction. He regards his interpersonal skill as one of his major strengths. He is effective in the group situation and is quite sensitive to the needs of his people.

A mature individual, he has a balanced emotional approach who will express and restrain his feelings and emotions when needed. He likes to maintain peace and harmony in the work situation; however, he will assert his ideas and opinion if he thinks it is needed for the good of company. While he can adapt to routine work, Mr. Gerard needs time to accept change and new ideas and demands clear explanation on its benefits and advantages.


• A hard and dedicated worker, he always tries his best to accomplish work objectives and support company activities.
• He is very focused to handle his tasks and is highly aware of efficiency and cost saving in his work habit.
• He is practical and knows his job by heart.
• He can persuade people by using tact and social skills.

• He lacks managerial skills and appears to have limited potentials for further development.
• He needs time to accept change. He will show resistance if it is forced on him.


Mr. Gerard’s work history spans more about 23 years in Sun Jaya hotel. He started as the driver of Turkish Controller on contract basis and became a permanent employee after working for 1.5 years. He climbed his career from pool driver, Transport Supervisor up to Transportation Manager. During 1992 to 1995 he was assigned as Linen Coordinator in Laundry Department, which was due to an incident, which befell him as the person-in-charge. His performance as Transport Supervisor was recognized by his subordinates so he was requested back to transport department. Now, he reports directly to the Resident Manager and is responsible to manage transportation to support operational activities. There are 16 drivers divided into 3 shifts under his supervision.

Mr. Gerard is a highly dedicated worker who is willing to give the best for the company. His major strengths lie on his high spirit to work hard and to make use of his time productively. He has positive outlook in life and likes to do things in a happy way. He is a very religious person who owes his success in life to God. He is somewhat philosophic who always wants to share positive ideas to people. He has good interpersonal skills and uses it in dealing with people. On the other hand, we find him already in his “comfort zone” probably attributed to his age and familiarity with the hotel and his department. There is a tendency to show resistance to change and needs to be convinced if new ideas are going to be implemented in the organization.

Based on the above findings, we are of the opinion that Mr. Gerard is currently happy and contented in his position and is just waiting for the retirement day to come. He is aware that he has reached the peak of his career and is happy with what he had contributed to Sun – he feels he made it already. Despite his good work spirit and positive work attitudes, we find that he does not have strong potential for further promotion or training. Management may retain him while he is still productive, although, we suggest to prepare his replacement who technical competent in managing people.