The Quality of Work Life Movement

In 1973, the United Automobile Workers sent a letter to its members at a Harman International auto parts plant in Bolivar, TN, describing the simple, but perhaps revolutionary, idea behind an experiment being conducted there. The letter stated: “We are at that point in time where workers should have more to say about their job and how it should be run. They should participate in a meaningful way in making decisions about the job and the work place— decisions which in the past were made pretty much exclusively by management.”

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When the workers in the Harman experiment were, in fact, given more of a say, they began to fashion new ways of doing things at the plant. They formed cooperative work teams, assigned responsibilities and controlled their own time and scheduling. As ob¬servers described it, people became more involved and interested in their jobs. Continue reading

An Effective Administration Manager

Mr. Tevez projects himself as a hard intense worker who has high need for achievement and need to finish task comprehensively. He also has strong tendency to assume leadership role. As a leader, he always tries to enforce discipline to his staff.

He also makes efforts to become a role model of being a good employee by, for instance, doing the right things right. For instance, he always comes early in the morning before his subordinates arrive and normally goes home late in the night after everybody has gone. He stays until night to check and evaluate overall team performance in the morning before. Continue reading

Becoming a Happy Worker

Mr. Onny mentioned that some people might think that the operator’s job is easy and relaxed because there seems not much physical or mental exertion required. However, Mr. Onny explained that the operator’s role is very crucial to the hotel because they are the first to greet guests via telephone. Voice intonation and good communication skills are vital and being alert is important to this job.

Mr. Onny gives us the impressions that he likes his job and is fairly happy and contented. He does not wish to ask for more as far as his career is concerned because he has already done his best and reached the maximum of his capabilities. He only wished their tools and equipment could be upgraded so that he can work more efficiently. At the moment, he said he could not do much due to the obsolete PABX machines which are slow in performance. Continue reading

Becoming a Transportation Manager

Mr. Gerard is a happy worker who regards work as something enjoyable and a blessing because God’s gift and God’s will that he got the job. He likes to work hard and his best, and uses his time productively in the work situation and after working hours. A company loyal, he always puts his commitment to work and supports the company’s activities at his best. He is very focused in handling his tasks and will not even go home until his duties are done.

A practical worker, Mr. Gerard is very familiar with transportation matters and tends to use his past experience in handling his daily problems. He is very organized and systematic in his work habits. He will arrange and make sure that everything is on track and running according to his work plan and schedule. Continue reading

Motivation at Work

Mr. Dick regards his job and position as something very important. He is currently happy and contented in his current role as Assistant C&C Administration Manager. He is focused in handling his tasks and is willing to serve his customers at his best by using his interpersonal skills.

When asked about his daily activities, he claims that most of his time is spent to meet customers. He informs them about technical specifications, i.e. hotel facilities, size of stage, tables, and other equipment and gives necessary suggestions based on their needs. He enjoys meeting customers and feels a sense of appreciation when people say “thank you” to him for the service he had provided. Continue reading