Becoming a Happy Worker

Mr. Onny mentioned that some people might think that the operator’s job is easy and relaxed because there seems not much physical or mental exertion required. However, Mr. Onny explained that the operator’s role is very crucial to the hotel because they are the first to greet guests via telephone. Voice intonation and good communication skills are vital and being alert is important to this job.

Mr. Onny gives us the impressions that he likes his job and is fairly happy and contented. He does not wish to ask for more as far as his career is concerned because he has already done his best and reached the maximum of his capabilities. He only wished their tools and equipment could be upgraded so that he can work more efficiently. At the moment, he said he could not do much due to the obsolete PABX machines which are slow in performance.

At work, Mr. Onny prefers to work at his own pace and does not want to be rushed. He chooses to do one task at a time and see it done before he would do another. He is also likes to do tasks that are more relaxing than taxing. He enjoys his work as a Telephone Operator because it gives him the opportunity to practice his communication skills and to be exposed to foreign guests. He uses some creativity to make his work interesting by memorizing the names or voices of the frequent callers, or calling the guests by their first names.

Meanwhile, when facing complaints, Mr. Onny reverts to the written rules. An example was when one Japanese guest complained and denied the telephone charges because he was just on “hold” and no connection was made. Mr. Onny explained the rules and was able to convince the guest till it was paid. However, in some similar cases, he said it is better to compromise rather than having a fight. If the amount is negligible, he gets approval from his boss and the amount is waived.

As a supervisor, Mr. Onny seems to be “too nice” and applies a personal approach rather than firm leadership. He is sympathetic to the needs of his staff because he understands their needs and the difficulties they encounter. When probed, he said he does not want to show anger but prefers to give reminders in an adult way. He said that he likes to make jokes rather than be emotional. While this may be appropriate at times, Mr. Onny should modify his style in certain situation especially to habitual latecomers. Likewise, in decision making, Mr. Onny is hesitant when it comes to major decisions and would refer to Ms. Samini. This indicates that Mr. Onny would rather play it safe than take a risk.

For 20 years now of which more than ten years spent being an operator, Mr. Onny has adapted to this job so well and to the daily routines. He does not find it boring, no need for variety because he is just waiting for the time till he retires. He uses practical methods to achieve his work objective like being a member of the hotel operators’ association (Hotel Telecommunication User Group sponsored by Indosat). From this association, he gathers information and gets ideas from his association with other hotel operators.


Mr. Onny came across as an accommodating and friendly person. He wants to create a favorable impression as well as a favorable working atmosphere. There is no need for conflict, he said, but just enjoy work. Since he cannot do anything about the old equipment they have now, the best thing is make the most out of it. He shows a caring attitude and will give in most of the time, both to co-workers and to hotel guests. He has maintained the traditional approach of doing things and does not intend to go for a dramatic change. For him, he has reached his peak and he is happy with what he had achieved.


• Happy and contented worker
• Wants to please people and avoids conflict
• Adapts to routines with naturalness
• Emotionally mature in his dealings with people

• Not applicable


Mr. Syaukat or Pak Onny as he is most commonly called has been working for the hotel since 1982 when he first joined as telephone operator. After four years, he was transferred to Concierge and was in this position for six years. He claimed that the work here is more tiring than that of an operator so he was happy to be moved again to the back office as Operator Supervisor.

His major strength at present is his desire perform at his best although his best is limited due to the old tools and equipment in the telephone operators’ room. He is happy and thankful for the career in the hotel and for the opportunity to use his time productively. He enjoys his work because he can practice his communication skills and gets the first contact with guests. He likes a relaxed pace at work and must follow rules and regulations to ensure smooth operations. In other words, he does not need to exert too much hard work because he feels that he has achieved and contributed fairly much.

The indicators above are clear signs that Pak Onny does not aspire to go any further. He deemed that success has been achieved and there is no room for him for further improvement. He has come of age and awaits his pension by year 2005, therefore, he will use the remaining years to perform according to normal standards. For these reasons, we recommend to review his past performance. If record shows that he is worth keeping, retain him till he retires; otherwise, offer him an early retirement plan.