An Effective Administration Manager

Mr. Tevez projects himself as a hard intense worker who has high need for achievement and need to finish task comprehensively. He also has strong tendency to assume leadership role. As a leader, he always tries to enforce discipline to his staff.

He also makes efforts to become a role model of being a good employee by, for instance, doing the right things right. For instance, he always comes early in the morning before his subordinates arrive and normally goes home late in the night after everybody has gone. He stays until night to check and evaluate overall team performance in the morning before.

In the process of solving problems, Mr. Tevez prefers to use practical ways and tends to use ‘a direct approach. He is the doer type who likes to take quick actions and decisions. These styles of working seem to be appropriate for him as his job mainly deals with administrative things that require more practical approach than an in-depth analytical thinking.

Mr. Tevez has a relatively high awareness of customer satisfaction and complaints. He regards customer complaints not as a sign of failure rather he treats complaints constructively because complaints provide meaningful inputs to the hotel.

Mr. Tevez tends to strictly follow rules and procedures before taking a particular action. While this preference may help to create sense of orderliness, it can also have detrimental effect on the flowering of creativity. Indeed, during the interview, Mr. Tevez could not provide substantial examples about his creative solution or major initiatives that he had ever taken in his career life.


Mr. Tevez appears as a calm person who is stable and emotionally controlled. He speaks softly and slowly to convey his answers. He is not an extrovert type of person who likes to establish wide relationship. He tends to put more emphasis on finishing tasks rather than spending time with social amenities. Nevertheless, he displays warm and sincere relationships and is able to build closeness with others whom he can trust.


• Hard intense worker
• Quick in making decisions
• Has ability to lead

• Does no display creativity and lacks initiative
• Weak analytical abilities
• Appears as a slow worker with limited motivation


Mr. Tevez has built a long career in Sun Hotel, starting as waiter and moving up the ladder until his current position as C & C Administration Manager. His strengths lie in his high need for achievement and his hard working attitude. He also displays strong leadership capabilities and always tries to be a good role model for his staff. His warm relationship with people also projects him as a charismatic leader who can protect and ‘mengayomi’ his staff.

However, Mr. Tevez seems not to be able to demonstrate creative ideas in his current position. He feels that his current position – which mainly manages administrative things — does not offer challenging tasks. He revealed that he was more comfortable in his previous positions as a restaurant manager because he was more active and mobile. Consequently, he now tends to just do tasks that he should do without bringing any distinctive value added to his current position. In other words, he has no more room for development as his capabilities have already been fully realized, especially when he was a restaurant manager.

Based on the above considerations, Mr. Tevez is recommended to keep his current position . However, we do not recommend further training or promotion at this moment. Mr. Tevez is seemingly appropriate where he is right now.