Structure-Based Job Interview

Many people are still unfamiliar with the flow of events and sequence of a structure-based job interview. Knowing the details will help applicants become fully focused and stay prepared several days before they step into the office.

The duration will depend on how many interviews and interviewers there are and the specific qualities that they’re looking for among individuals. Applicants should consider time carefully and learn how to properly time their answers so they maximize efficiency and send the message very well. Continue reading

Mistakes in Job Interview

A lot of people experience a few minor troubles when going for job interviews. However, there are the worst kinds of mistakes in job interview that people should avoid at all costs if they wish to maintain their integrity or still have a chance of getting accepted. Preparation is the key to success and giving a good impression. Some of these mistakes are considered unacceptable and can automatically disqualify the person from the list. Here are some tips. Continue reading

Competency-based Training Plan

Experts say that the main key to an effective competency-based training plan is the job description.

If it is well-written and portrays a concise and clear picture of the job in the certain environment where it will be performed, everything will be in order.

Typically, a job description must be brief and should describe the major activities that must be performed by the worker. Continue reading

Training and Job Performance

You can download excellent powerpoint slides on HR management, business strategy and personal development HERE.

Just as eating is the only reason for cooking and providing transportation the only reason for making cars, so job performance change is the only reason for train¬ing. However, the training field is not characterized by high degrees of accountability or concern for job per-formance change. Managers demand sales, not selling activity and pro¬duction, not plant operation. Why then, do they generally demand training rather than job performance change?

Job performance change is not to be confused with behavior change. Striking the keys is the typist’s be¬havior; the memo produced is an as¬pect of job performance. Any time a trainee passes a test or masters a skill, his behavior undergoes a change, but the job performance may or may not change as a result. Continue reading

An Effective Administration Manager

Mr. Tevez projects himself as a hard intense worker who has high need for achievement and need to finish task comprehensively. He also has strong tendency to assume leadership role. As a leader, he always tries to enforce discipline to his staff.

He also makes efforts to become a role model of being a good employee by, for instance, doing the right things right. For instance, he always comes early in the morning before his subordinates arrive and normally goes home late in the night after everybody has gone. He stays until night to check and evaluate overall team performance in the morning before. Continue reading

Becoming a Happy Worker

Mr. Onny mentioned that some people might think that the operator’s job is easy and relaxed because there seems not much physical or mental exertion required. However, Mr. Onny explained that the operator’s role is very crucial to the hotel because they are the first to greet guests via telephone. Voice intonation and good communication skills are vital and being alert is important to this job.

Mr. Onny gives us the impressions that he likes his job and is fairly happy and contented. He does not wish to ask for more as far as his career is concerned because he has already done his best and reached the maximum of his capabilities. He only wished their tools and equipment could be upgraded so that he can work more efficiently. At the moment, he said he could not do much due to the obsolete PABX machines which are slow in performance. Continue reading