Mistakes in Job Interview

A lot of people experience a few minor troubles when going for job interviews. However, there are the worst kinds of mistakes in job interview that people should avoid at all costs if they wish to maintain their integrity or still have a chance of getting accepted. Preparation is the key to success and giving a good impression. Some of these mistakes are considered unacceptable and can automatically disqualify the person from the list. Here are some tips.

1. Arriving late. The rule is to be at the job interview site 15 minutes before it begins. Regardless of the person’s turn to be interviewed among several others, he should be present and arrive way before the interviewing panel. People can make the necessary last-minute preparations during the timeframe and also adjust to the environment to give the best impression when they enter the room.

2. Dressing poorly. One of the biggest mistakes in job interview is wearing inappropriate clothes. Men should always be in a suit and wear their ties properly, while women should be dressed in business attire.

Wear comfortable but good-looking formal leather shoes. Women should avoid wearing skimpy skirts and shirts that reveal their cleavage or back. Individuals should also avoid wearing flashy jewelry or show off their tattoos if they have any. The hair should be kept clean and kempt. Women must wear makeup. It is always wise to wear a watch and perfume.

3. Poor communication. Some of the huge mistakes in job interview involve either talking too little or talking too much. Some people do not answer interview questions directly and keep on discussing other things than the main point. This gives the impression that they cannot deliver the message in a direct manner. Other people talk too little by answering only in a few words or a single word. It shows disinterest in the interview or lack of knowledge.

The best way is to answer the question using yes or no, and then providing one to two brief expounding statements. Ask the interview to expound before proceeding so they know what to expect. Most people also make the mistake of not speaking in an audible and clear tone or having a lot of mannerisms while being interviewed.

4. Lying about their resume. Never include wrong details in the resume. There are accounts wherein people were accepted and then fired immediately once the company discovered that they lied about their background during the interview.

Individuals should always be honest when it comes to their educational background, work experience and personal data. Be prepared to answer questions based on the resume by bringing a copy and then reviewing the details before proceeding.

5. Talking about past employers negatively. A lot of executives and potential bosses do not appreciate people who badmouth their past colleagues and superiors. It shows disloyalty and discontent that can spread in the workplace. It is one of the big mistakes in job interview that can eliminate the person from the list quickly.