Front Office Operation

Mr. James Zein has been working in Hotel Sun Jaya since 1975 and has found his forte in handling Front Office responsibilities. In 1995, he moved to Apartment Istana Sun, was appointed Leader Front Office and tasked to control all front office operation.

He does his work in a systematic fashion and expects his subordinates to be the same. He admits that he was able to assimilate his work style from his stay with the hotel and is grateful for the development of such ability. He works by his own rules, but is able to conform to AIS regulations as well and deliver what is expected of him. Despite the difficult situation and lack of support, he still tries to do his work correctly and accomplish all tasks that are assigned to him.

As a worker, Mr. James seems to be the type who sets high expectations for him and others. He reported the situation in his workplace where some of his co-workers are not behaving in conformity to rules just because those people are long time employees in the apartment.

Mr. James admits to experience some difficulty in handling his staff in the apartment because they are not as motivated as before and show a decreasing need to strive or achieve. They are resistant to his orders and appears to be complacent of his leadership. To manage this dilemma, Mr. James merely controls and monitors them closely expecting them to do their job according to the job description and nothing more nothing less. However, he himself appears to be passive and tends to sidestep leadership. There is an indication that he is undisturbed and is on the verge of giving up.

Mr. James shows hesitation in making decisions on major dilemmas and would rather consult and wait for his boss’ approval, otherwise, refer to rules and regulations. He is, however, able to decide independently on minor and routine problems but lacks the initiative to go beyond his duties and responsibilities. According to him, there was a time when his boss scolded him because a guest had a meeting in the AIS lobby that was not allowed.

He reasoned that it was not his responsibility to reprimand the guest, but his subordinate’s or the security. He further tried to substantiate his argument, and save himself, by saying to his boss that he already gave orders to his subordinate to give that particular guest a warning but the subordinate did not obey his instructions. In a situation like this, it is apparent that Mr. James does not want to be accountable for the work and actions of his subordinates indicating that of an ineffective supervisor.

Handling and satisfying customers are everyday problems for Mr. Azmiel. As Leader Front Office, he has to meet and deal with the AIS tenants and their guests as well. Since his main responsibility is to make all the guests, permanent or visitors, feel as comfortable as possible, he demands his staff to be extremely friendly, polite and quick on feet to take action on guests’ request. He said these tasks are included in his everyday work and are therefore routine, which is why he does not have any problem handling them.


Mr. James is able to control his emotions well and be considerate of others feelings before he expresses his feelings or ideas. He is always careful when handling problems, which is why he seems passive and unconcerned or even very rigid in accepting new solutions at times. He admits, however, that he currently desires a change for he is starting to feel unchallenged and bored with his work condition.

In addition, he narrates that at present, he is just doing his job as instructed and lacks the zest for becoming innovative because he feels that there is no future nor any opportunity for career development for him. Despite this, he is still able to maintain good relations with co-workers, subordinates and guests and still displays a high need for recognition and acknowledgement for his efforts and achievements.


• Strictly adheres to the rules and regulation.
• Dedicated to his job.
• Impartial and cautious in making decisions.

• Avoids expressing his emotions causing him to appear indifferent.
• Rigid and lacks flexibility in adapting to new ideas or changes.
• Has decreased enthusiasm and initiative for work.


Mr. Azmiel has been working in Hotel Sun Jaya since 1975 starting as a telephone operator. He got promoted to be supervisor of telephone operator in 1979 and became night receptionist and reservation staff after one year. Then in 1985, he was promoted to assistant reservation manager and was further given an opportunity to advance in his career in 1990 when he was appointed to be the reservation manager. Upon the opening of Apartment Istana Sun, he was trusted by management to handle all front office operations in AIS, hence, his current position. His duties as Leader Front Office include monitoring, controlling inspecting the performance of his staff.

Mr. Azmiel likes doing his job according to the rules and regulation. He is strict and consistent with the rules, but is rigid and resistant to new ideas and changes. He does not display the imitative to go beyond his duties if needed and has to wait for his manager’s orders before acting on an unusual situation or problem. In dealing with the lack of resources in AIS, he constantly informs and complains to the management and is unable to make things simpler or come up with solution to ease the current dilemma of scarcity.

He has difficulty in handling his staff because, like him, they too are rigid, inflexible and resistant to change. Moreover, some of his subordinates are the same age or older than he is and have been working for some time now, which is why they have lost their zest they used to have for their jobs. Right now, Mr. Azmiel feels that motivating his staff to work according to his orders and AIS’ rules, despite the low salary that they are receiving, will be his greatest challenge yet.

According to the above findings, it is apparent that Mr. Azmiel has lost his motivation to excel in his job. He has lost the zest and energy he used to have and admits that he is just waiting for his retirement age. It is for these reasons that Mr. Azmiel is not recommended for any further promotion and should be considered to take part of the Early Retirement Package.