Catering Business and Catering Manager

Mr. Ariely appears as a person who wants to achieve in his career and wants to contribute something significant. However, at present, he revealed that it is difficult for him to meet one of his key performance areas, that is, to achieve revenue target of Rp 700 million per month. It is unfortunate that he has not achieved this figure yet and he explained some factors are attributed to this. Some factors are the lack of sales people who can aggressively promote the catering service and management’s lack of support to catering department.

As a catering manager, his duties are to coordinate the preparation of catering foods and also to interact with customers. He has three cooks, two cashiers, one cleaning boy and one accountant staff. As the leader, he applies the personal approach because his staff are reasonably knowledgeable of their tasks and need not be closely supervised.

When making decisions, he tends to be quick because the nature of his job requires fast action and no time for theories. This is especially true when dealing with food and beverage where essence of time is crucial. Supported by his vast experiences in catering/restaurant areas, he prefers to approach the problems he faced with practical perspective and is willing to take immediate actions to resolve them.

Mr. Ariely proposed some creative suggestions to improve the catering such as the hiring of people with strong marketing background or work experience in the catering service, better and improved facilities, etc. He likes his job and believes that there are tremendous opportunities for catering service. However, his ideas apparently were not welcomed well by management.


Mr. Ariely is socially self reliant, meaning that he is not overly dependent on other people. He also likes to interact with others for as long as this interaction relates to the job matters. He appears as a calm and low profile person who wants to hide from the spotlight. He can also work well alone and be confined within the walls of his workplace as long as he can deliver a good result.

As to his temperament Mr. Ariely tends to be a bit expressive. He can get easily irritated and emotionally involved when his staff fails to meet the deadline. He is also forceful who would explicitly demand his staff to do and complete their tasks well. Towards his superiors, he will assert his views whenever he is right but will be diplomatic in his communication.


• Shows a high degree of responsibility in finishing his tasks
• Technically competent in food catering/restaurant industry
• Displays confidence to lead

• Not applicable


Mr. Ariely spent his first five years of his hotel and restaurant career in Sun Hotel as a waiter. He then spent the following years working in a various places in Food and Baverage area, both in domestic and overseas. These outlets include Aryaduta Hotel, ship (Carribean Tour) and big restaurant in Summitmas Building. He moved back to Sun in 2000 as his age reached 54, and after losing a large amount of investment due to an attempt to become a cafe entrepreneur.

In doing his tasks, Mr. Ariely claims that he likes to do his best and aspires to contribute a significant achievement. In reality, however, his performance and contribution are not extraordinary. Our findings and analysis show that this can be attributed to age, and to his most recent investment loss which shook his financial situation. Indicators show that he has not recovered from the loss and is now trying to look for a way out or outlet to vent his frustration. As a result, there are signs of a demotivated worker in him and someone who is trying too hard to achieve but does not really have the capabilities and the motivation to continue working or be employed again. We would like to note that this behavior may just frustrate him more rather than inspire and may affect the scenario at the workplace.

Likewise, his work pace is also dramatically decreasing while his enthusiasm to boost up the performance looks very gloomy. At this point, there is a strong indication that he has no more room for further development as his capabilities have already been completely optimized. Mr. Ariely is therefore recommended to be replaced by a more dynamic, high spirited and creative individual.