Key Principles of Good Operation Management

Operation Management deals with the construction and the cycle of process, products supply and services chains. This is the kind of management that handles the situation and monitor each and every system in the different department that it covers. Since it handles these following management departments, this system maintains the good flow of the production and the communication of the staffs in the organization.

As much as possible, this management sees to it that there will be always an improvement in the production and all the system that covers the operation. Furthermore, this this management also handles the proper utilization of the materials in the production system. As long as the materials and other resources are present in the productions section, the operation management can always provide the products those consumers who are waiting in the market in no time. Continue reading

Front Office Operation

Mr. James Zein has been working in Hotel Sun Jaya since 1975 and has found his forte in handling Front Office responsibilities. In 1995, he moved to Apartment Istana Sun, was appointed Leader Front Office and tasked to control all front office operation.

He does his work in a systematic fashion and expects his subordinates to be the same. He admits that he was able to assimilate his work style from his stay with the hotel and is grateful for the development of such ability. He works by his own rules, but is able to conform to AIS regulations as well and deliver what is expected of him. Despite the difficult situation and lack of support, he still tries to do his work correctly and accomplish all tasks that are assigned to him. Continue reading