Job as A Electrical Supervisor

Mr. Terry is the type of worker who is adept to perform “multi-tasking”. He is able to work on several things simultaneously and focus on the more important details of a situation or dilemma. He is aware of the importance of his job, which is why he stays after work to finish a task if necessary. He trains his subordinates on various tasks, but tells them to consult him if a problem is too complex for them to handle. Although Mr. Terry abides by the hotels protocol, he is a highly pragmatic and flexible manager and employee.

Mr. Terry is able to manage his subordinates without being to autocratic. According to him, the work atmosphere and relationship that he shares with his co-workers and subordinates in the engineering department is similar to kekeluargaan. Moreover, according to him, this family atmosphere is not just confined to the Engineering department, but is present in the whole organization as well. Despite his strict compliance with the hotel’s rules, he is able to work alone and may even have reservations in the capabilities of the higher authority.

Mr. Terry is effective in technical operations. His experience in the Engineering department has enabled him to master the ropes of this field. He still displays enthusiasm with matters that concern his work despite his long stay with the hotel and this department. His ability to communicate is under developed, however this inability does not pose any threat to his job position since he does not directly deal with the hotel’s clients. Besides his work is very technical in nature.


Mr. Terry shows a strong need for closeness and affection. He is very concern of others’ feelings and tries to avoid conflict as much as possible. He maintains a low profile and is unobtrusive. He desires to maintain a good working relationship with his subordinates and co- workers. He is comfortable with the people in his work environment and is able to interact with them socially and professionally.


• Good leader
• Trains subordinates to improve their technical skills

• Needs to be more flexible to accomplish tasks other than work related with engineering


Mr. Terry has been with the hotel since it started its operations in 1974. He first became part of the engineering department as the Electrical Crew Attendant in 1974. He advanced to be the Electrical Supervisor in 1992 and held this position for approximately six years. At present, he is the Head Electrical Engineer of Hotel Sun Jaya.

Mr. Terry appears to be comfortable and content with his current job position. He is able to maintain a good social and professional relationship with his subordinates and co- workers. He delegates tasks to his subordinates but still oversees the whole operation himself. Although he adheres strictly to the rules of the hotel, he is able to make pragmatic and logical decisions.

From the data gathered and analyzed, Mr. Terry appears to be appropriate in his current position. His inability to be articulate and communicative is outweighed by his lengthy and commendable experience in the engineering department. His technical skill is deemed to be of higher value and benefit to this hotel than his social skills. Mr. Terry is therefore recommended to remain in his current position but has limited managerial skills for a higher role.