Effective Time Management

Mr. Sammy appears to enjoy his job and is contented with his existing position. He is considered a “smart- worker”, creating means and ways to make his job easier and more interesting. He does not give much attention to details and prefers to delegate tasks to his subordinates. He is highly pragmatic when making decisions that are related to his role and responsibilities.

He is able to attend to several tasks simultaneously and displays flexibility in his work. Currently, he holds two responsibilities that are acknowledged by the hotel – he is both the Chief of Concierge and is the second in command in Hotel Sun Jaya’s Labor Union. Despite his “dual responsibilities”, he claims that he does not compromise his commitment to both parties and is able to balance the two effectively.

Mr. Sammy characterizes his leadership style as more of democratic and participative rather than autocratic. According to him, he sees himself more as a coach than a leader of his 29 subordinates. He trains his staff personally and sees to it that they are able to perform their work accordingly. He claims however, that he is able to be forceful and “tough” especially when it concerns disciplining a stubborn and uncooperative subordinate. As an employee on the one hand, he describes himself to be a team player and is able to work well with groups. As far as his decision-making skill is concerned, he displays ease in making judgment on dilemmas that are clearly within his scope of responsibility and authority, but if it is otherwise, he would consult higher authority. For matters concerning subordinate discipline, he consults and does according to hotel procedures.

Mr. Sammy feels that changes are needed to improve the overall operations of the hotel. Aside from upgrading the facilities, he also feels that modifications in the hotel’s appraisal and promotion system should be made. Despite his latter proposal being of high importance, he has not conveyed it to the management for he feels that he is in no position to make such strong suggestions. Furthermore, he does not want to be perceived as someone who is using his position in the hotel to voice out the concerns and issues in the Labor Union. He admits that at times, he finds some difficulty balancing his dual role both for union and for company. However, his strong loyalty pulls him to protect his employer that he has been with for so long. At the same time, as one of the labor union leaders, he has the responsibility to voice out and possibly push the management to make changes that would be more favorable to the whole labor force of the hotel. This conflict of interest finds resolution by effective time management, which he feels he is able to do.

Mr. Sammy displays high level of physical energy for his job despite his mature age. According to him, his job does not require much theoretical knowledge, but is mostly based on practical situations. He also has high regard for customer satisfaction and upholds this commitment by attending to guest complaints personally and by being calm, patient and pleasant when dealing with them. Moreover, he is able to work well without needing close supervision from his superiors, but prefers to have a clear set rules and guidelines to be able to perform tasks smoothly.


Mr. Sammy displays contentment and satisfaction in his career. He appears to be a pleasant and calm person. He values smooth interpersonal relations with co-workers and his staff. He feels a strong sense of belonging in Sun Jaya and takes pride in the kekeluargaan atmosphere in the hotel. His profile indicates that he is able to work well with groups and enjoys group interaction rather than individual interaction. He possesses good socializing skills and is able to express himself well in English. He does not feel the need to upstage others for he was able to get recognition during his younger years and is now just waiting for his time to retire.


•Calm and pleasant person
•High organizational commitment and sense of belonging
•Has a way of making things and work easier
•Creates smooth interpersonal relations and acts as a fair mediator between management and the labor force

•Lacks persistence in asserting ideas and suggestions
•Relaxed pace, feels he has achieved and reached his peak. Does not feel the need to strive any further.


Mr. Sammy has been with hotel Sun Jaya since 1975. His first responsibility was with the House Keeping department wherein he stayed there for three years as a Room Boy. In 1978, he got promoted as the Supervisor in the House Keeping department. After six to seven years, he was moved to the Front Office where he became the Bell Captain for five years. In 1990, he was given the responsibility of Chief Concierge and has held this position since.

Mr. Sammy comes across as a pleasant and calm person. He attributes this good-natured behavior to his mature age and the experiences he has had in life. He is sociable and communicative. He exercises a participative type of leadership yet is able to be strict when it concerns discipline. He is a flexible worker and a quick decision maker. He has respect for his superiors but does not need close supervision from them. He prefers to have clear rules and guidelines that he could follow and use as basis for his decisions and actions. He gives importance to having harmonious work and social relations with everybody and is proud of the family atmosphere in the hotel. He displays contentment and satisfaction in his current role and finds no need to attain further advancements in his career. This indicates that he is enormously living in his comfort zone.

From the data gathered, Mr. Sammy appears to perform his work satisfactorily. His ability to express himself in English partnered with his positive disposition makes him suitable in his current position. His ability to absorb new knowledge for further development, however, is not as promising as his current display of satisfactory performance. He seems to have actualized any potential for further advancement in his career and appears to be just waiting to retire. It is for this reason that Mr. Sammy is not recommended for any further career advancement and is advised to remain in his current position until he reaches retirement age.