Effective Time Management

Mr. Sammy appears to enjoy his job and is contented with his existing position. He is considered a “smart- worker”, creating means and ways to make his job easier and more interesting. He does not give much attention to details and prefers to delegate tasks to his subordinates. He is highly pragmatic when making decisions that are related to his role and responsibilities.

He is able to attend to several tasks simultaneously and displays flexibility in his work. Currently, he holds two responsibilities that are acknowledged by the hotel – he is both the Chief of Concierge and is the second in command in Hotel Sun Jaya’s Labor Union. Despite his “dual responsibilities”, he claims that he does not compromise his commitment to both parties and is able to balance the two effectively. Continue reading

Becoming an Effective Purchasing Manager

You can download brilliant powerpoint slides about Career Management and HR Strategy HERE.

Mr. Ben has been the Assistant Purchasing Manager in- charge for three months now. He is organized and neat in doing his work because his major responsibilities among others are to deal with entities, money and people. He gives an extreme regard for details and prefers to attend to a task one at a time. He is practical and uses his past experiences as basis for his decisions. He regards work as something important to fulfill the needs of his family and himself.

Mr. Ben does not have much opportunity to develop and exercise his leadership skills for he rarely interacts with subordinates directly. He is, however, responsible for managing and coordinating them. He uses his social skills to communicate orders to his staff and rarely uses a strict and autocratic form of leadership. Continue reading