Developing Time Management Skills

Time is an important aspect of human life. Man is running after the time on a roller coaster ride these days. It is commonly said that the time you have lost will never come back again. Therefore, no matter if you are a student a housewife a businessman, time management is the important aspect of your life.

The individuals who can manage their time well are successful in every occupation. It is either business, studies, sports or public, if you are able to make your time you are in the list of successful candidates.

People who use various techniques in their life to manage their time can perform the functions of their routine life effectively, even under the intense situations and pressure. Continue reading

Effective Time Management

Mr. Sammy appears to enjoy his job and is contented with his existing position. He is considered a “smart- worker”, creating means and ways to make his job easier and more interesting. He does not give much attention to details and prefers to delegate tasks to his subordinates. He is highly pragmatic when making decisions that are related to his role and responsibilities.

He is able to attend to several tasks simultaneously and displays flexibility in his work. Currently, he holds two responsibilities that are acknowledged by the hotel – he is both the Chief of Concierge and is the second in command in Hotel Sun Jaya’s Labor Union. Despite his “dual responsibilities”, he claims that he does not compromise his commitment to both parties and is able to balance the two effectively. Continue reading

Time Management Competency

Ms. Farah, nicknamed Farah, is already familiar with the tasks and activities in her position as the Shift Leader. For her, the job is not something requiring intense effort. She regards work as a hobby and claims that she never feels stressed in handling her tasks and daily work problems. However, she is very focused in getting the job done and will try her best to serve the guest and achieve work objective. As Shift Leader, she is aware that customer satisfaction is her first priority. Continue reading