Manager and People Development

You can download brilliant powerpoint slides about Career Management and HR Strategy HERE.

Mr. Deny is the type of worker who has high sense of responsibility. In his position as Assistant FO Manager, he is able to divide his concentration to do several tasks at a time. Aside from handling major duties, he also likes teaching and giving technical training as he puts much concern on people development. He encourages his supervisors to teach the staff and give them opportunity to conduct technical training on regular basis. Mr. Deny sees his work as something enjoyable. Being one of the ex- back office staff, he has modified his personality characteristics to serve guests and supervise frontliners.

Mr. Deny has good analytical and conceptual skill. He enjoys the time developing training modules, and applying theories and ideas when teaching his staff as well as handling his daily tasks and problems. He is also highly concerned about the accuracy and completeness of data. He is systematic and makes sure that all documents are put on file in neat and orderly manner. He is creative in developing simple forms and work systems so that his staff can handle their tasks more efficiently.

Mr. Deny prefers to position himself as a facilitator of his team. He admits that he does not want them to follow him; he prefers to give them opportunity to find their own approach when handling tasks and solving problems. He likes to involve his team in the decision making process. He listens to their ideas and reasons for applying a specific action. Being a thoughtful thinker, he will think pros and cons before arriving at a decision, and knows the consequences of his action and decision.

Mr. Deny is a self starter and independent worker who can operate in loosely defined situations. An autonomous individual, he can work with minimal supervision from his boss. Moreover, he likes to be given freedom to create work systems and take decision within his area of responsibility.


Mr. Deny comes across as a calm and friendly individual who tends to be theoretical in explaining his ideas and opinions. His social nature shows him to be a socially-introverted individual who is selective in joining social interaction. He claims that presently there is limited time to join social groupings or interaction as most of the time spent is to develop training modules. He has his own style when presenting himself and dealing with others. Being active and productive, he is also a trainer in several education institutions.

Emotionally, Mr. Deny has a balanced approach as he can express and restrain feelings and emotions when needed. He likes variety in handling his tasks – he likes developing various modules to make his training program more interesting. A forward thinker, he is open to new ideas and change. Mr. Deny will speak forward and assert his ideas and opinions. He does not hesitate to enter conflict situations, however, he will use tact and diplomacy to persuade others to his point of view.

Looking at his career path in Sun, Mr. Deny tries to be realistic and does not have strong ambition to be in the higher position. The important thing is to do the best he could to support company’s operations.


• He is analytical and likes analyzing and planning tasks.
• He is systematic and highly concerned about neatness in managing tasks and activities.
• He is a team player; has the ability to be facilitator of his team.
• He can assert his ideas and opinions without being belligerent.

• He tends to be too theoretical.
• He is not focused; has innate restlessness.


Mr. Deny’s career history spans about 25 years in Sun Jaya hotel. Upon senior high school graduation, he was appointed in Sun as Room Boy in 1977. He was transferred to the accounting department after he obtained his Sarjana Muda and worked as Resto and Bar Cashier for 2 years. During the next 12 years he occupied several positions: Night Auditor Resto, Night Auditor Front Office, and joined a management trainee program for Chief Accounting position. In 1997 he was promoted to Reservations Manager and became Assistant Front Office Manager after 1 year. Reporting directly to the Front Office Manager, his responsibility is to assist the FO Manager in monitoring overall daily activities in the front office area. This includes preparing schedule, conducting technical training, preparing regular reports, and supervising 6 Section Heads directly.

Despite his limited educational background and technical competence, Mr. Deny has good interest and talent as a trainer. He claims that even though his experience is mostly in the back office, he was given promotion to be a manager in the front office department. This is due to his interest to meet and serve the customers, his ability to develop work systems and handle good administration matters. Even though he is not a heavy socializer, he uses his charm and own style to train and supervise his subordinates and serve the guests.

Based on the above findings, we find that Mr. Deny functions reasonably effectively in his current position. He is creative in developing work systems and is concerned about people development. He actually has potential for further development, however, we find that he is not very focused in conducting his job and becomes pessimistic about his career path in Sun. We suggest to conduct career counseling to know his exact interest and to make him aware of his strengths and areas for further development.

You can download brilliant powerpoint slides about Career Management and HR Strategy HERE.