Becoming An Effective Sales Manager

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Mr. Christian Mengko prefers to do things one at a time and sees it to completion. He said that when he works, he likes to do it perfectly, while on the other hand, he was modest in saying that he is not the best amongst the Banquet Sales Managers. Although he projects the hard worker image, his main objective is to see his job done just like the others. It appears that Mr. Christian is only maintaining and servicing existing clients, which he inherited from his successor and does not really exert extra effort in searching or identifying new clients. When probed, he was not able to mention new clients initiated by him. There is an indication that he is a bit bored in his current position and may just be working for the sake of working.

As a worker, he seems to place emphasis on neatness and order. He develops his own personal system to do his daily routines. On the other hand, he may be too detailed at some tasks, which are minor thus overlooking the more vital ones. When it comes to decision-making, Mr. Christian tends to be careful but sometimes hesitant. He said, he is not confident to make final decisions in tough situations, he would prefer to refer or seek assistance from his boss. When it comes to minor decisions, however, Mr. Christian uses his past experiences as guide but still with ample time for careful analysis. To be safe, he collects suitable and reasonable data before a decision. While this may be appropriate in some cases, this may be indicate that Mr. Christian would not be capable when it comes to snap decisions.

Right now, Mr. Christian does not have any subordinates. He informed us that he works alone. However, he requests the assistance of the administrative staff on some administrative matters such as typing, writing, or filing. When asked if he had ever been a leader, he recalled the time when he was a team leader in one sales blitz. He coordinated the sales executives visits to clients by scheduling them by floor by floor. Other than that, Mr. Christian has not been a leader or a supervisor.


Mr. Christian Mengko is a sociable person. He likes to meet people and make friends easily. He also likes to work with other people rather than working alone. When he makes friends, he tends to get close personally. In other words, he may prefer a one on one interaction than a group interaction. When in a group, he does not want to be on spotlight but would rather maintain a low profile.

As to his temperament, Mr. CM ‘s profile indicates that he is patient who can control his emotions and feelings. In other words, he is not the type who can get mad easily. Mr. CM is a follower more than a leader and is bound to follow strict rules and regulations. However, at times, he may dig his heels in and strongly stick to his principles and to what he believes.


• Displays commitment to finish his tasks
• Shows eagerness to learn
• Sociable nature

• Needs to improve decision-making. His desire to arrive at the right decision may be too long and slow.
• Needs to improve English comprehension
• Needs to be given an opportunity to lead to in order to improve his leadership.


Mr. Christian Mengko joined Hotel Sun Jaya in August 1, 1989 as a daily worker, and from thereon he had varied experiences from steward, restaurant outlet, banquet, sales and marketing and banquet sales. Currently, he is assigned as Banquet Sales Manager handling government and local association segment.

Mr. Christian projects the image of a hard worker. He shows commitment and is responsible for tasks assigned to him. An organised person, he keeps his work neat and follows a work pattern based on company rules and procedures. He is also open to new ideas and innovations because he likes to learn. He does not limit his knowledge to only one field as reflected in his various experiences in this hotel. When making decision, he gathers all relevant data and tends to be careful to avoid errors. For this reason, he takes considerable time to decide, slow to take action and may irritate others. If given a choice, he prefers to get inputs from his team and is more comfortable with team’s decision.

Based on the above data, it appears that Mr. Christian is coping with his newest assignment doing sales. His social nature strongly supports him in this role plus his familiarity with the hotel, repeat customers and guests. To be more effective in the future, we suggest exposing him to a role where he is given authority and the opportunity to lead. A regular feedback or evaluation of his performance should be conducted regularly to monitor his productivity.

You can download brilliant powerpoint slides about Career Management and HR Strategy HERE.