Team Spirit and Great Workplace

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Mr. Sean is a person who likes to finish his work done in a tidy manner. He is a self-starter who learned by doing and is open to new information. Mr. Sean likes to work one task at a time and likes to do things according to his work plan. He makes schedules and tries to put it into practice with his subordinates as a routine program. He is also responsible for what he does and does it till the end.

Actually, Mr. Sean never expected to be a chief. He just likes his work involving mechanical or engineering. He tries his best to finish his job, to maintain or repair the broken equipment. As a chief, he coordinates his crew by informing and by personally communicating the tasks clearly. He also gives examples if necessary. Mr. Sean wants to improve his crew to be more compatible and more competent regarding engineering matters. He always motivates and supports them through fair division of labour and responsibilities. He tells them to do what they can handle first and inform him should trouble arise. He also likes giving training to the crew once in a while.

As a leader, Mr. Sean respects and appreciates his subordinates and their work. He suggested doing a regular training to his staff so they can improve on their capabilities. He said that his employees should be aware of the progress in mechanical or electrical or civil equipments. There is a new program from management stating that all engineering crew must know about engineering matters both electrical and mechanical. Have worked in this hotel for many years now, they need to be respected and has earned and received it so Mr. Sean suggested a raise in their salary every time they advanced their level.

Among other departments, teamwork is highly emphasised here. He believes in team spirit and unity and that with teamwork, it is easier to find alternatives. Fast and alert, he is quick on feet and makes fast responsible decisions. His experiences enable him to control situation and in most cases, he knows what must be done. However, for decisions beyond his control, he refers to or consults the Resident Manager for immediate assistance.

He has a creative tendency especially during times when supplies are limited and materials and resources are lacking. He reveals that he finds other alternative to fix things cheaper and efficiently. For example, he used limited materials from storeroom first while waiting for the right materials even the solution only worked for a moment.


Mr. Sean is a flexible person. He likes to make friends outside work and in the workplace. With his age now, he has become wiser and people respect him for it. A team player, Mr. Sean is also open to changes and wants to learn on how to improve his knowledge in engineering, especially in mechanics. He maintains a low profile and does not want to upstage others. He knows that if he is doing a good job, the word will flow and he would be recognized.


• Technically competent and able as far as engineering work is concerned
• Eager to learn new things and keep up to date with the latest trends
• Motivates other to improve their abilities.
• Fast to decide, action-oriented
• Sociable

• Wants to learn English so he can read latest engineering books.


Mr. Sean joined Hotel Sun Jaya in 1977. He first became lift operator, moved to different areas such as: kitchen equipment, laundry, plumbing and almost into every area in service and maintenance at the Engineering Department. He got more promotions and in 1999 to date, he is the Chief in Engineering Department.

As the Chief, Mr. Sean coordinates with his staff using a personal approach. He guides and trains them to keep them motivated on the job. He uses his past and rich experience as guide and apply it to his daily activities and the problems he handle. Despite his experience, he still wants to learn more. He displays eagerness to learn new trends and breakthroughs in the engineering filed in a hotel set-up. An area he needs to improve is his English knowledge.

Based on the above findings, we find that Mr. Sean is technically competent in his field that learned by doing. Through years of experience, he has become an expert but needs to update his knowledge to be more competitive. We advise management to support him in terms of learning and send him to training to improve his skills both technical and non-technical aspects. However, considering his age, at 54, his successor should be identified and be groomed at this stage.

You can download brilliant powerpoint slides about Career Management and HR Strategy HERE.