Manpower Planning and People Development

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Mr. Sody has been working in Hotel Sun for 23 years in the steward division of the Food and Beverage department. He started as a member of steward staff and has been able to advance to become the current chief steward of the hotel. He earned the Employee of the Month award in 1980 and has been able to make developments in his career faster than anybody else in the hotel since then. According to him, unlike the regular career path for stewarding, he was able to skip one level and reached the next higher level of position earlier than normal. Specifically, this incident occurred when he was banquet steward where he was promoted to Supervisor Steward position. He believes that he was given such recognition because he was hard working and did not refuse taking the night shift when he was still a banquet staff member.

Mr. Sody is contented with his current work and believes that stewarding is a vital component in the Food and Beverage department. He takes great pride with the trust that the management has given to him and believes that the manifestation of this trust is his promotion to Chief Steward in 1990. As the current Chief Steward, one of his primary responsibilities is to manage and ensure that his division is able to support the needs of Food and Beverage department despite the shortage of steward staff members. In so far as his work style is concerned, he is systematic and orderly and he believes that these two qualities are imperative in his job so as to be able to have a more organized structure in his department.

When making decisions, he prefers to rely on his past experiences and solutions that have worked before when it comes to handling the preparation and maintenance of food equipment. Mr. Sody narrates that the most common problem in his division is the limited resources, particularly the equipment and it is because of this scarcity that he is forced to come up with alternatives to remedy a problem. Usually, he ends up outsourcing the needed materials by renting the tools, equipments, etc. In addition, he needs to decide quickly in addressing problems and prioritise depending on the importance of the matter. He also has to anticipate events or situations to achieve smooth and successful operation. Moreover, he does not like to postpone doing a task if he feels that he is able to do and finish it immediately.

Aside from the supplies and equipment inadequacy, there is also the shortage of manpower problem. At times, he had to outsource employees like what he does with kitchen equipment. He felt that outsourcing workers was not a good way of solving the shortage of manpower in his division so he made a number of requests and proposals to hire more people on a permanent basis to work in the Stewarding. When his request was granted, operations in the Stewarding became more efficient.

Mr. Sody strictly adheres to the rules and procedures of the hotel, especially when it comes to handling and maintaining the tools. According to him, he makes it mandatory for the employees to handle the equipment and tools carefully. He has to meticulously monitor the quantity of equipment before and after utilising them for an event. He reprimands his staff and gives appropriate disciplinary action when they fail to comply with the rules or disobey his orders. On the other hand, he can also be tolerant and appreciative of his staffs’ efforts when they do their job properly. He has close relations with his staff because he also watches shows concern for their welfare. He believes that a leader plays an important role in influencing the behaviour and attitude of a subordinate; and it is in this light that he tries to set a good example.

As part of his responsibility, he always checks the equipment before and after use. Since he is very particular about cleanliness, he personally checks the condition of the equipment to expect zero complaints from guests. In cases where he still receives complaints, he turns to the waiter and blames it on him. If proven, he reprimands accordingly.


Mr. Sody is a pleasant and sociable person, but chooses a select group of people to have close relations with. He likes to have good social affiliations and to please others, but also expects the same treatment and conduct from others. He treats his staff as friends and prefers working together than doing a task alone. He comes across as a fair person and talks openly of his emotions.


• Manages problems as best as he can.
• Shows high task commitment
• High regard for teamwork
• Enforces strict discipline to others and is a disciplined worker

• Has need to be diplomatic in relations with others


Mr. Sody began as steward staff in Hotel Sun when he joined in 1979. He rotated all stewarding segments and got immediately promoted to supervisor steward, skipping one level in the steward career development path. In 1999, the division experienced an extreme lack of manpower due to those who retired early. A number of positions were vacant, including the Assistant Chief Steward, and by order of the management and with tenure considered, he was appointed to fill in this position. He further advanced in his career and is now the Chief Steward of the Food and Beverage department.

Mr. Sody performs his job to the best of his ability. He prefers to focus and give 100% attention to a task before he works on another activity. As Chief Steward, he upholds his responsibilities by trying to manage the department efficiently and effectively despite the limited resources, both in equipment and manpower. He has high regard for teamwork and has been able to handle his staff effectively despite the small number. He also has the ability to anticipate dilemmas and to come up with solutions prior to the actual occurrence of the problem. He has a pleasant and friendly approach to the employees and develops good working environment to benefit his subordinates. Despite his friendly nature, he strictly adheres to the rules and procedures so that the work in his department will be carefully and systematically executed and for his staff to be punctual and prompt.

Based on the above findings, Mr. Sody appears to be appropriate for his current position but he does not display any potential for further development. Therefore, he is advised to remain as Chief Steward and is not recommended for further promotion.

You can download brilliant powerpoint slides about Career Management and HR Strategy HERE.