Manpower Planning and People Development

You can download brilliant powerpoint slides about Career Management and HR Strategy HERE.

Mr. Sody has been working in Hotel Sun for 23 years in the steward division of the Food and Beverage department. He started as a member of steward staff and has been able to advance to become the current chief steward of the hotel. He earned the Employee of the Month award in 1980 and has been able to make developments in his career faster than anybody else in the hotel since then. According to him, unlike the regular career path for stewarding, he was able to skip one level and reached the next higher level of position earlier than normal. Specifically, this incident occurred when he was banquet steward where he was promoted to Supervisor Steward position. He believes that he was given such recognition because he was hard working and did not refuse taking the night shift when he was still a banquet staff member. Continue reading