Team Spirit and Great Workplace

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Mr. Sean is a person who likes to finish his work done in a tidy manner. He is a self-starter who learned by doing and is open to new information. Mr. Sean likes to work one task at a time and likes to do things according to his work plan. He makes schedules and tries to put it into practice with his subordinates as a routine program. He is also responsible for what he does and does it till the end.

Actually, Mr. Sean never expected to be a chief. He just likes his work involving mechanical or engineering. He tries his best to finish his job, to maintain or repair the broken equipment. As a chief, he coordinates his crew by informing and by personally communicating the tasks clearly. He also gives examples if necessary. Mr. Sean wants to improve his crew to be more compatible and more competent regarding engineering matters. He always motivates and supports them through fair division of labour and responsibilities. He tells them to do what they can handle first and inform him should trouble arise. He also likes giving training to the crew once in a while. Continue reading