Training Assessment Methodology

All program assessment can be divided into two types— process and outcome. Process-oriented assessments are structured to collect information on what happens to people undergoing a training experience.

And outcome approaches focus on the changes (both positive and negative) that happen to the individual and/or organization as a result of training. Both types of assessment are frequently used to evaluate the success of a training effort. Neither of these assessment techniques to promote and better understand transfer effects is used often enough. Continue reading

Becoming An Effective Sales Manager

You can download brilliant powerpoint slides about Career Management and HR Strategy HERE.

Mr. Christian Mengko prefers to do things one at a time and sees it to completion. He said that when he works, he likes to do it perfectly, while on the other hand, he was modest in saying that he is not the best amongst the Banquet Sales Managers. Although he projects the hard worker image, his main objective is to see his job done just like the others. It appears that Mr. Christian is only maintaining and servicing existing clients, which he inherited from his successor and does not really exert extra effort in searching or identifying new clients. When probed, he was not able to mention new clients initiated by him. There is an indication that he is a bit bored in his current position and may just be working for the sake of working. Continue reading