Developing Motivation for Employee

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Mr. Jonas is a highly motivated worker who gives much effort to complete his tasks. A hard and persistent worker, he would not leave his tasks unfinished. He claims that he feels uncomfortable if problems at work are not settled properly.

A practical worker, Mr. Jonas likes to use shortcuts and past experience in handling his tasks and solving problems. His resourcefulness is proven by using the beringin tree to build mini garden because there are limited plants and materials provided around the hotel area. In his position as Chief Gardener, he admits that he does not just manage or supervise his staff but he still personally works with them.

He rolls up his sleeves, works with his staff hand-in-hand doing detailed tasks such as shifting and lifting big pots with big trees to function rooms, arranging plants to make mini garden, etc. He claims he has to be personally and physically involved because of the limited staff supporting him on the job. He has requested his boss for additional staff so that activity in his section can run more effectively. However, up until present his request is not realized yet has not been granted.

As a leader, Mr. Jonas is recognized as the motivating force of the gardener team. He truly understands the situation and circumstances that his team encounters everyday, like hot weather, dusty air, heavy workload, etc. thus he cooperates and works together as a team. He applies personal and humane approach when supervising his people. He inspires and supports them to keep them going and be as energetic as him.

As to decision-making process, he is confident to carry out his own decisions especially if it pertains to his technical duties as Chief Gardener. As long as he follows work procedures and company rules and regulations, he is certain about his judgment.


Mr. Jonas comes across as a quiet friendly individual and gave us a favorable initial impression. His social nature shows that he is a person who enjoys social interaction. He is effective in his team and enjoys persuading his people. Emotionally, he is open in expressing his feelings, however, he claims that he can control his temper in the work situation. He is aware that he needs to exercise patience towards his staff who are mostly of lower educational level. Thus, Mr. Jonas sees o it that he a conflict-free and harmonious working environment is maintained in his department. He is willing to listen to other’s ideas and will compromise when needed. However, he will defend his ideas if he thinks that he is right.

Adaptable, Mr. Jonas actually knows the current situation at the hotel, its highs and lows as well as the strengths and weaknesses. He is well familiar with the work environment, corporate culture and the “kekeluargaan” good relationship amongst the staff. For these reasons, he has stayed with the hotel for more than 20 years now despite the low salary.

Probed on his personal ambition, Mr. Jonas realizes that he has reached the topmost position, leaving him no hope to go up any higher. He is aware of the limited career path for him in this hotel, nevertheless, he never stops do the best to support the hotel operations.


•Willing to work hard to meet his work target.
•Capable to create shortcuts and uses past experience to handle his tasks and solve daily work problems.
•Follows company policy and work procedures.
•While he lacks commanding presence, he can support his team by using personal approach.

•While he lacks commanding presence, he can support his team by using personal approach.
•Personally too involved in handling detailed work of his subordinates.
•Lack of urgency in responding to the need for change.
•Expects to be given clear guidelines and direction.


Mr. Jonas graduated from Tourism Academy. His work history in Sun Jaya hotel spans more than 20 years in the office-gardening section. He climbed his career from Supervisor Gardener, Assistant Chief Gardener up to Chief Gardener in 1999. Reporting directly to the Housekeeping Manager, he is mainly responsible for supervising his team comprising of 12 gardeners.

Mr. Jonas comes across as a simple doer type of worker. He projects a profile of persistent and hardworking individual. Most of the time, he uses his past experience in handling day-to-day activities. He is a good follower and works according to company’s rules and regulations. He enjoys working with his team and spends time to go down into details. He uses personal approach in motivating his people and dealing with other department. He displays contentment and satisfaction in his current role and feels that he has already reached the peak of his career in this hotel.

Based on the above findings, we find Mr. Jonas is currently happy and contented in his position. Despite his weaknesses, he manages to do the best even with limited sources and facilities. Mr. Jonas has been of service to the company for more than 20 years and is performing his role satisfactorily. His fatherly image to the gardening team is commendable which management should recognize this meaningful contribution. Due to limited potential, we recommend Mr. Jonas to just keep this position and be regarded as the technical expert in gardening activities.