Tips to Enhance Your Employee Motivation Level

Increasing employee motivation is important to be done by managers to make their workers work harder and certainly better. To raise the workers’ salary and to give monetary bonus are certainly the definite solutions to increase the employee motivation but actually they are not always the case. There are more beneficial ideas of increasing the employee motivation for those who seek beyond money when it comes to the career success.

Setting goals and targets are the first non-dollar idea to increase the employee motivation. The reason behind the idea is that the workers can easily get confused, lost and burnt out when they cannot find an end goal or sense of destination in everything that they do at their work. While as a manager you are at it, it is great to give some rewards when your employees have completed everything satisfactorily. Continue reading

Misconceptions about Motivation

What motivates people?” No question about human behavior is more frequently asked nor more perplexing to answer. Yet knowing what moti¬vates another person is basic to establishing and maintaining effective rlations with others. It is absolutely fundamental to the practice of management— the art of getting things done through people.

Our folklore in general—and especially in the world of training and employee development— abounds with contradictory maxims offered as descriptions of human nature and behavior. We say on the one hand, “You can’t make a silk purse out of a sow’s ear”; but we also point to the “Pygmalion Effect,” which demonstrates that our expectations about others can change-their behavior in significant ways. The weight of the evidence, in fact, inclines toward the latter view of behavior.

What follows are 10 “truisms” about motivation— and my explanations of why all are false. Continue reading

Motivation at Work

Mr. Dick regards his job and position as something very important. He is currently happy and contented in his current role as Assistant C&C Administration Manager. He is focused in handling his tasks and is willing to serve his customers at his best by using his interpersonal skills.

When asked about his daily activities, he claims that most of his time is spent to meet customers. He informs them about technical specifications, i.e. hotel facilities, size of stage, tables, and other equipment and gives necessary suggestions based on their needs. He enjoys meeting customers and feels a sense of appreciation when people say “thank you” to him for the service he had provided. Continue reading

Developing Motivation for Employee

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Mr. Jonas is a highly motivated worker who gives much effort to complete his tasks. A hard and persistent worker, he would not leave his tasks unfinished. He claims that he feels uncomfortable if problems at work are not settled properly.

A practical worker, Mr. Jonas likes to use shortcuts and past experience in handling his tasks and solving problems. His resourcefulness is proven by using the beringin tree to build mini garden because there are limited plants and materials provided around the hotel area. In his position as Chief Gardener, he admits that he does not just manage or supervise his staff but he still personally works with them. Continue reading