Best Strategies to Reduce Employee Turn Over Rate

In a company, employee turn over is not new to the employees. There are reasons that an employee turn over must be done. One is being fired because of the lack of qualifications or having a low quota for the past few months, the other one is when the employee decided to leave the company.

When there is an employee turnover, the bottom line of it is the company suffers a great deal of expense.

The rate concerning the turn over of the employee is not a very good part to them unlike to those desired applicants who wishes to take over the position. Even there is a takeover, the company must place the required severance pay to the employee.

Companies have high rates of employee turn over, as said before, is costly. When there are replacements made, they need to have payments in order for the new employee to be working with them. Continue reading

How to Make Performance Appraisal Become Beneficial

To make a performance appraisal works and be beneficial for you is much more important rather than to hate it for nothing. In fact, a feedback about the job (that) you perform sometimes can be a hard exercise. Many HR professionals find that they have always been surprised on how they have to harass, herd, and seemingly threaten employee and supervisors to accomplish their evaluation of performance appraisal process portion. No wonder that many HR professionals question about why the performance appraisal should be hard exercise.

A good question about the performance appraisal is whether it will make a difference in your pay or not. The fact shows that numerous employers allow the score of the entire performance evaluations on employee to influence the increasing pay. Continue reading

Training from the Trainees’ Point of View

Gypsy trade is the picturesque term given to businesses with inherently high employee turn over. Restaurant employees, whose average national turnover exceeds 200 percent, typify this phenomenon. Speed’s Koffee Shops, Inc., recognized this problem and decided to re-examine its training program and adjust it to the vagaries of a classic gypsy trade.

You can download excellent powerpoint slides on HR management, business strategy and personal development HERE.

They launched their project with a five-question form, to be completed by all employees and returned to their immediate supervisors. Out of more than 400 employees, a gratifying 92 percent obliged. And their responses went a long way toward educating management in its areas of strength and weakness. Continue reading

Selecting and Nurturing Your Best Employees

More and more organizations are using tests and other controversial methods to identify their highest potential employees and managers and put them on an advancement fast-track. Here’s why.

You can download excellent powerpoint slides on HR management, business strategy and personal development HERE.

Plant a handful of seeds in fer¬tile soil. Water well and cull the weeds. Soon sprouts break the soil. Few gardeners, looking at these tiny greens, could pick the bloomers from the stunted runts. Yet some buds will blossom with stunning beauty, some will struggle along in the bloomers’ shadows…and some will never grow at all.

Liken that garden to your organization, and yourself to the gardner. Can you pick the new employee who will grow faster and better than the rest? Can you isolate those who will never, germinate at all? Can anyone? And how can you help those most promising buds blossom best? Continue reading

Best Employee of the Month

Mr. Daniel’s career history dates back in 1979 working his way up from a security guard to his current position as Chief Security. Considering the nature of his job, Mr. Daniel’s work profile is that of a policy conformist who strictly adheres to company rules and regulations. He is highly dependent on company policies but still feels the need for guidance and advice. He regards work as an important and serious obligation. For this, he informed us that he was awarded the Best Guard of the Month in 1987. Continue reading

Developing Motivation for Employee

You can download brilliant powerpoint slides about Career Management and HR Strategy HERE.

Mr. Jonas is a highly motivated worker who gives much effort to complete his tasks. A hard and persistent worker, he would not leave his tasks unfinished. He claims that he feels uncomfortable if problems at work are not settled properly.

A practical worker, Mr. Jonas likes to use shortcuts and past experience in handling his tasks and solving problems. His resourcefulness is proven by using the beringin tree to build mini garden because there are limited plants and materials provided around the hotel area. In his position as Chief Gardener, he admits that he does not just manage or supervise his staff but he still personally works with them. Continue reading