Leadership Style and Job Behavior

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Mr. Benny has expertise in the area of Housekeeping. He began from the bottom as houseman in 1974, and through hard work and persistence, was able to reach his current position. He assists the Executive Housekeeper in managing, scheduling, and planning for housekeeping operations and occasionally suggests new ideas, based on his experience, to improve the housekeeping department. After almost 28 years with the Housekeeping department, he has grown to love his work and is contented with the situation. At present, he feels no pressure or stress at work and openly accepts what is given to him by his boss or the management.

As a leader supervising all housekeeping crew, he utilizes a personal approach with his subordinates for he feels that each of them possesses a different character, attitude and behavior. He said that at times, he would personally do a one on one with his staff so that he/she would get a chance to talk and be open. In this way, he would be able to know his staff’s ideas, views and needs.

His leadership style could be characterized as the charismatic style, although he remains firm with his decisions and disciplinary actions when necessary. He goes about his work in a systematic and orderly fashion and strictly adheres to his prepared agenda for the day. He does not give much attention to details and would prefer to delegate such administrative tasks to his subordinates. He is able to work well with minimal supervision from his boss, but must have clear set of rules and regulations that would serve as his guide in doing his work; otherwise, he would be uncomfortable.

Mr. Benny helps his team in handling work related problems because he feels that they have the potential to advance further in their career. He believes that they just need to be guided and supervised. He gives importance to teamwork and tries to create and foster such atmosphere in his department and hopes to instill a sense of belongingness to his staff. He is also able to make quick and impartial decisions. According to him, he would normally weigh the pros and cons of his decisions before he implements them so as to minimize or avoid errors. One of the dilemmas that he is facing at present is the scarcity of equipment and human resources. He finds resolution to this by maximizing what is available and by continuously motivating his staff to work hard so that they would not be burdened by the workload and still enjoy their work despite the working conditions. He further narrates that this method was able to help him deal with one of the toughest situations that he was faced with in the past, which was to set up a standard room despite such scarcity of both material and human resources. His ability to maximize available resources and potentials of his staff has won him the Best Employee of the month award and trust of his boss and the management.

Mr. Benny displays high commitment to customer satisfaction. He tries to earn the customer’s trust and favor by immediately attending to their request. According to him, most of the complaints would concern the cleanliness of the room. When he gets a phone call from one of the guests, he would immediately send one of his staff to their room for a thorough cleaning. When he feels that the guests are satisfied with the service rendered by his department, he interprets this as accomplishment. Note: While this may sound like a good work, the question is why is thorough cleaning only happening when there is a complaint or call from guest. We leave this for personnel to evaluate.


Mr. Benny Imron comes across as a low profile and modest person, despite his vast knowledge and commendable experience in housekeeping operations. He shares and expresses his thoughts and feelings only when necessary and does not wait for a “right time” to assert his ideas. He has expressed his happiness and contentment with his current status and finds no need for any form of change. According to him, he loves his work in Hotel Benton Jaya because the working atmosphere is characterized by a strong sense of kekeluargaan. He likes to socialize with his co- workers and build strong working and social relation but admits that he remains selective in choosing the people to relate with. He also shows a need to be recognized for his accomplishments.


• Able to motivate his subordinates to do their best, despite the working conditions. A charismatic leader
• Highly respected yet is modest and sociable.
• Smart in looking for alternatives.
• Assertive and positive in handling problems.

• Lacks confidence in making major decisions.
• Tendency to be subjective when dealing with subordinates.
• Needs improvement in evaluating and assessing other.


Mr. Benny has been working in Hotel Benton Jaya for 28 years. He began his career in the hotel as a houseman and improved in his work consistently to reach his current role as the Assistant Executive housekeeper. He has held this position for three years now and has been assisting the Executive Housekeeper in controlling the department operations, managing the schedule of the staff and making necessary reports and other documents.

Mr. Benny has vast experience in housekeeping operations that he shares with his subordinates. Among the responsibilities of the Assistant Executive Housekeeper, he places the most emphasis on monitoring the performance and work of his staff and second, the cleanliness of the hotel so as to satisfy the guests. According to him, he has confidence in the abilities of his staff for he believes that he was able to train them effectively. He finds accomplishment in seeing his staff motivated to do their work well despite the given working conditions in the hotel. He motivates his staff by acknowledging their good performance and constantly mingling with them in the field despite his supervisory position. He does not let his vast knowledge and experience on housekeeping operations get to his head and still remains modest despite all these. He does however experience some difficulty in making independent decisions, especially if it concerns tough and major dilemmas. When caught in this situation, he turns to his boss and staff for brainstorming.

Mr. Benny has reached the peak of his career and appears to be working just for the sake of working. He has also expressed that he is just waiting for his retirement day and feels no need to achieve more in his career. Furthermore, the possibility of him to adapt to change is slim to none, for he is extremely comfortable and at ease with doing routine type of task. It is for these reasons that Mr. Benny is advised to stay in his current role and may be considered to take part of the Early Retirement Package of the hotel.