Leadership Style and Job Behavior

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Mr. Benny has expertise in the area of Housekeeping. He began from the bottom as houseman in 1974, and through hard work and persistence, was able to reach his current position. He assists the Executive Housekeeper in managing, scheduling, and planning for housekeeping operations and occasionally suggests new ideas, based on his experience, to improve the housekeeping department. After almost 28 years with the Housekeeping department, he has grown to love his work and is contented with the situation. At present, he feels no pressure or stress at work and openly accepts what is given to him by his boss or the management.

As a leader supervising all housekeeping crew, he utilizes a personal approach with his subordinates for he feels that each of them possesses a different character, attitude and behavior. He said that at times, he would personally do a one on one with his staff so that he/she would get a chance to talk and be open. In this way, he would be able to know his staff’s ideas, views and needs. Continue reading