Good Interpersonal and Communication Skills

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Mr. Andy is a persistent worker who prefers to do his tasks one by one until it is completely done. A hard worker, he will pour out his energy and concentration to be able to complete his tasks satisfactorily. He claims himself as a fast worker who does not like postponing work assignments. Mr. Andy is already happy in the current position. He tries his best to work according to company’s rules and procedures.

Mr. Andy is a practical worker who mostly uses his past experience in handling his tasks. He considers himself as fast in anticipating daily work problems, which mostly related to hotel facility. He mentions the time when a Japanese guest wants to have another room to take a bath because the water is brown. He apologized then instructed the GRO to move the guest so that he will not complain. Mr. Andy is concerned about his work details and people may see him as too fussy when it comes to details. He says that he does not mind personally handling detailed work himself to ensure its accuracy and completeness. He is flexible and is likely to tolerate lack of order when managing his tasks and activities. He will set up his schedule but will be able to allow any changes if the situation calls for.

Mr. Andy does not project a strong and dominant leadership profile. He mostly uses his social skills to support his subordinates and persuade others. As to problem situation, Mr. Andy says that mostly reservation gets complaints from customers, like no coffee maker in standard 5-star diamond rooms, etc. Aside from that, he must be able to take decision on specific matters, like a customer who did not want to give money deposit. In this situation, he will be firm to ask for it but give explanation that this is hotel’s rules and policy.

Mr. Andy prefers to work at his pace, however, he claims himself as fast in anticipating the daily work problems. Being already six years in handling reservation administration matters, Mr. Andy is familiar with his duties and can be expected to meet his work target. He can work well with minimal supervision from his boss, as long as he is given the clear rules and guidelines to back up him in conducting the job.


Mr. Andy is of Batak descent and comes across as a friendly person. His social nature shows him to be a socially-extroverted individual who likes meeting new friends and people. He is effective in the group and builds good one-on-one relationship with others by using his sincerity and modesty. An emotionally-sensitive individual, Mr. Andy admits that he can be high tempered under pressure. He prefers to be open to express his feelings and emotions but does not hold grudges.

Mr. Andy is a steady worker who adapts to work routine with ease and naturalness. On the other hand, he will need to be convinced if change is going to be implemented in the organization. According to him, he will accept the change if it is reasonable and it will do good for the company. He is the type who will assert his ideas and opinions only if he is sure that he is right. However, if it is not accepted he will not repeat it as he prefers to follow what is the decision afterwards.

When asked about his career desire, he claims that he has interest to occupy a marketing position if there is opportunity for him given by the management. He wants to look for something new and challenging to achieve his personal satisfaction. He likes meeting new people and the customers, and by conducting that position he will get the opportunity to be in direct contact with customers.


• Persistent and enjoys working hard.
• Practical, works and acts fast; applying past experience and gut feeling.
• Good interpersonal and communication skills.
• Highly detailed; concerned about the accuracy and completeness of data.
• Adheres to rules and procedures.

• Lack managerial and leadership skills.
• Needs clear guidelines, rules and procedures; cannot work in loosely defined situations.


Mr. Andy’s work history spans about 25 years in the hotel operations’ side. He climbed his career from Houseman, Buss Boy, Wine butler, and Captain. He was transferred to Front Office Department and worked as staff in Information and Reception desk. He became Reservations Clerk in 1996; as he learned more about administration matters. After working for 2 years, he was promoted to Reservations Manager and holds this position up to present. He reports directly to the Front Office Manager and his main responsibility is to manage reservations activities, which includes administration matters. He has 2 Reservation Clerks under his direct supervision.

Mr. Andy has high work spirit and is persistent in order to meet his work target. He puts much concern on detailed work and will do it personally to ensure its accuracy and completeness. As leader, he does not apply strong and dominant style; he prefers to use his social skills to motivate his subordinates at work. He can make fast decision by utilizing his past experience and gut feeling.

Based on the above findings, we find that Mr. Andy is currently happy and tries his best to support company’s operations. He has positive work attitudes and is highly motivated to grow and achieve. We find that he has good potential to be in the marketing position as he has strong interest and good interpersonal skills to support him in performing the role. Transfer to sales and marketing department may provide a good exposure as he gets new perspective as well as challenge that he is looking for. We refer him to you for further technical evaluation.

You can download brilliant powerpoint slides about Career Management and HR Strategy HERE.