Powerful Communication Skills for Sales People

Communication skills are needed everywhere in today’s fast world to convince people towards your ideas and perspective. However, communication skills for the sales people on their sales pitch is that area where your bread and butter may depend upon how well you can communicate with your potential customer. The communication traffic is always two-way traffic; listening and then speaking.

The one, who can listen well to the clients, will speak well to convince them and hence wins the game! The point is not to annoy your customers by repeating what they say, which most salesmen tend to do, when they listen closely and carefully. Continue reading

Persuasive Communication Skills for Sales People

It is the art of persuasion that has conquered many minds and geographical regions in the history. One can see how important the persuasive communication skills are for salespeople. No matter where you are working as a sales person you should know the rules of dealing with people when you intend to sell something.

It is not an easy task, I know but it is not as difficult as you might think. Persuasive communication skills for sales people are no different than the standard laws of persuasion that are often use in all the spheres of life may it be domestic or political. It is important to know the background of the business which deals with the selling in order to feel lesser anxious while getting used to the way of selling products. Sales can be considered the synonym of persuasion. This meaning makes life a lot easier for the salespeople. Continue reading

Good Interpersonal and Communication Skills

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Mr. Andy is a persistent worker who prefers to do his tasks one by one until it is completely done. A hard worker, he will pour out his energy and concentration to be able to complete his tasks satisfactorily. He claims himself as a fast worker who does not like postponing work assignments. Mr. Andy is already happy in the current position. He tries his best to work according to company’s rules and procedures.

Mr. Andy is a practical worker who mostly uses his past experience in handling his tasks. He considers himself as fast in anticipating daily work problems, which mostly related to hotel facility. He mentions the time when a Japanese guest wants to have another room to take a bath because the water is brown. He apologized then instructed the GRO to move the guest so that he will not complain. Mr. Andy is concerned about his work details and people may see him as too fussy when it comes to details. He says that he does not mind personally handling detailed work himself to ensure its accuracy and completeness. He is flexible and is likely to tolerate lack of order when managing his tasks and activities. He will set up his schedule but will be able to allow any changes if the situation calls for. Continue reading

Need for Achievement and Communication Skills

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Mr. Sandy appears as a person with high need for achievement. To achieve his goals and aspirations, he is willing and able to undertake multitasks simultaneously. He also has high need to assume role of a leader. As a leader, he does not like to use strong control to monitor his staff’s performance. Instead, he allows his staff to do their tasks freely for as long as they follow the established rules and procedures.

Mr. Sandy has an ability to make quick decisions and responds quickly to problems. He prefers to use practical approach in resolving job problems. He also has relatively fast work pace when doing his tasks. However, he tends to overly depend on rules and instructions or supervision from his boss. While this attribute may help him to create order and clarity, it can also cause him to be inflexible and too dependent on other people. Such dependency diminishes his potentials to be a self-starter and room for creativity. Continue reading