Becoming A Good Front Office Manager

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Mr. Diego appears to have a clear understanding of his position and the responsibilities that is associated with it. He is hard working and yearns to improve himself further. He is considered a “self-starter” and takes the initiative to do a task without needing to be told or learn something new if the hotel administration is unable to provide the training for it. He displays flexibility in his job and has a high regard for details thereby making him an effective planner.

As the new Front Office Manager in-charge, Mr. Diego has an overabundance of new ideas to better the operations of the Front Office. Among his various plans for the Front Office is the introduction of the multi-tasking system, which according to him will produce well-rounded employees. Even though his plan is yet to be implemented, he appears to be extremely eager and enthusiastic about it. Continue reading

Becoming an Effective Front Office Manager

Mr. Rudy is responsible and committed to his job. He prefers to finish his task one by one and is organized and systematic. From his experiences in Front Office, he is used to work in an orderly and planned manner. Personally, he has a strong preference to do his work perfectly and has low tolerance for mistakes and errors. Despite his efforts, however, he admitted that he finds it difficult to realize this need because errors cannot be avoided since he has to coordinate with different parties.

At present, Mr. Rudy’s leadership skills are underdeveloped for he only has one subordinate and usually ends up doing the job by himself. He exerts effort, however, to perform his role as a supervisor to his sole subordinate by defining what task should be done and be given primary priority. He instructs his subordinate by using a persuasive and educative approach, telling him in a calm manner what and how things should be done. Continue reading