Becoming an Effective Front Office Manager

Mr. Rudy is responsible and committed to his job. He prefers to finish his task one by one and is organized and systematic. From his experiences in Front Office, he is used to work in an orderly and planned manner. Personally, he has a strong preference to do his work perfectly and has low tolerance for mistakes and errors. Despite his efforts, however, he admitted that he finds it difficult to realize this need because errors cannot be avoided since he has to coordinate with different parties.

At present, Mr. Rudy’s leadership skills are underdeveloped for he only has one subordinate and usually ends up doing the job by himself. He exerts effort, however, to perform his role as a supervisor to his sole subordinate by defining what task should be done and be given primary priority. He instructs his subordinate by using a persuasive and educative approach, telling him in a calm manner what and how things should be done.

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Mr. Rudy’s job involves effective coordination with the front office, sales marketing and housekeeping departments because they are all involved in room preparation for the guests. Specifically, since most of the guests get free breakfast, he has to coordinate with the Food and Beverage department and inform them the number of guests who will avail of the privilege. His coordination with the Front Office on the one hand involves reporting of all activities and providing information on group arrivals to the Assistant Front Office Manager and Shift Leaders, who then reports to the Housekeeping department to make the necessary room preparations.

Mr. Rudy prefers to consult with Front Office Manager when he encounters problem rather than his immediate supervisor-the Reservations Manager. Even though he is able to make fast decision, he prefers to ask others for their advice and inputs to ensure the success of his decision. His consultation with others impedes the speed of his decision and causes him to delay implementation of an activity. Another cause of such slow pace is the unending flow of customer complaints. He narrates that most of the time, clients, especially those who come in-group tours, prefer to be booked in one floor so that they could be close to their friends. However, it is not always possible to satisfy such request due to the unavailability of rooms. Thus he along with the efforts of other Front Office personnel try their best to accommodate the client’s request. In instances wherein they are unable to satisfy the guests, in a calm and polite manner, he explains to them the situation.

Mr. Rudy has quite a number of ideas for the improvement of the operations in his area of responsibility. An example is the long white board to write down the groups arriving and the groups in-house to make it convenient for everyone to know what groups are checking-in. He works longer than the normal working hours especially when there is a group checking-in. This is to ensure that they are serviced properly and are comfortable in their rooms. Apart from this, he also tries to finish all scheduled task for that day and since his division is comprised only of two people, he believes that there is no room for slacking off.


Mr. Rudy enjoys making friends and meeting new people. He has a tendency to talk a lot to share information about everything he knows, especially about his work. Even though he is very much able to finish tasks by himself, he still prefers to work and be a part of a team. He expressed that he desires to be part of a team because he likes to speak and exchange experiences or ideas with the rest of the group, which he finds as an excellent way to learn.

As far at temperament is concerned, Mr. Rudy may need to exercise control for he has the tendency to say things or express his emotions freely without considering the feelings of others. Despite his innate assertiveness, he wants to avoid conflict by being a listener when there is a problem or conflict at hand. He is quick to react and defend his principles should somebody question or attack his beliefs. In other words, he will not allow issues to pass-by without immediate confrontation.


• High commitment to job.
• Open and friendly with others.
• Highly analytical and detailed.

• Easily argues when given work that does not fit his job description, a tendency to be defensive.
• Lacks people management skills
• Must improve his communication with other departments


Mr. Rudy Ruhadi has been working in Hotel Sun for 25 years now. His initial position was that of a room boy, but got promoted as front office staff and later on, a receptionist. In 1998, he was given the responsibilities of Group Coordination Supervisor and was tasked to manage and arrange rooms for the groups. He and his subordinate set-up file and report the group arrival to other departments so they can prepare the rooms, bills, and other activities provided by the hotel.

Mr. Rudy comes across a neat and orderly person. He likes working on one task at time and efficiently and strictly follows the procedures. Despite the monotonous nature of his work and his desire to perfect his job, he still makes errors, but immediately makes up for his mistakes. He is also meticulous and impartial decision maker, which impedes his pace at times. He expresses his emotion openly and has the tendency to be tactless and inconsiderate of others’ feelings. Yet despite his assertive nature, he prefers to avoid confrontations and conflict. However, he will not hesitate to defend his principles and beliefs should somebody question or criticise him. Moreover, he appears to be resistant to change, but is able to cope with different transitions at a slow yet steady pace because of his desire to learn and acquire new knowledge.

Mr. Rudy seems appropriate for his current position. He knows a lot about group coordination and is able to perform satisfactorily despite the extreme lack of manpower in his department. However, the potential for further development is not apparent in him and it is for this reason that he is recommended to remain as Group Coordinator Supervisor.

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