Creative Talents and Career Goals

Mr. Rientar has been dealing in art and designs for almost 28 years, despite that fact that he has no formal art or design educational background. It started as a hobby because he enjoys graphics, which led him to be the sole person in-charge of the hotel’s promotional materials. The hobby, which turned into his major profession, he supported himself by taking art courses and interaction with other artists from different hotels. He was responsible for the creation of the hotel’s art department and claims that he is continuously devoted to this field.

Mr. Rientar is passionate about this position and wants to bring out the best in all his artistic designs. He is responsible for all the banners, pamphlets, sign that we see around the lobby and the different restaurant outlets. He desires to see Sun Jaya to be promoted and be able to attract guests and diners not only by way of sales, marketing or public relations but also by way of his designs. At present, he is the only one in the hotel who is tasked with the responsibility of art creations. He aims to be the best art director and wants to see the Art Department successful to achieve his goal.

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The nature of the job calls for detail and accuracy. It also requires sophisticated tools and creative talents, which he finds rather scarce in this hotel. This handicap, at times, hinders his objective and makes him unfriendly to others. He is selective in his choice of people and becomes tough and harsh as a leader. He demands precision and timely submission of work. He may be flexible provided commitment is clear and non-negotiable. To achieve his objectives, he delegates minor tasks and closely monitors their progress.

Working solo in the art department, Mr. Rientar is regarded as the expert and a great troubleshooter. He makes quick decisions since there is no one to seek advice as far as art creations are concerned. Being the most senior amongst the team, Mr. Rientar is also respected and recognized as the “father” who is willing to help and run to the rescue n times of trouble. Aware of the limited resources, this fact has made him more creative and smart worker. To minimize cost of supplies, he suggested using “used papers” for drafts or not very important printing jobs. In some cases when paper shortage happens, he uses his own money first which is faster rather than to wait for the requisition supplies to come. However, there are times when the quality of work is not excellent due to the limited tools and supplies. Thus, it seems that he can never be free from complaints from his users and internal customers.


Mr. Rientar draws a clear line between work and socials especially in the working environment. Thus, he is seen as the job-oriented and not people-oriented type. For him work comes first and is more important than social chitchat. He comes across as an introvert who will only socialize to a selected few.

His emotional natures shows that he is open and direct, one who does not hide his true feelings. He will say what he wants and what he feels, and disagree when he feels he is right. He can get easily upset when things go wrong and not according to his plan. Towards change, there must be a strong reason and must be fully convinced of its advantage.


• A neat and organized worker tending towards perfectionism
• A self-starter who is a smart and a hard worker at the same time
• Creative and initiative in looking for alternatives.
• Independent and confident in leading and making decision
• Enforces strict discipline to subordinates
• Open and direct, gives constructive criticisms
• Job-oriented, focused on details and accuracy

• Socially detached, needs to interact with his fellow workers
• Perfectionist; he gets restless if job is not according to his own standard of quality
• May be too tough and autocratic as a leader
• Tends to oversell his capabilities since he is the only expert in arts


Mr. Rientar joined Hotel Sun since it started the physical construction of the hotel in 1971 and was initially hired as security guard. Aside from his main task as security guard, in 1994, he also made signs, banners, posters, pamphlets and other promotional materials for the hotel areas such as the restaurant outlets and functions. This innate talent started as a hobby, which became his profession and eventually brought him to his current position as Art Director.

It is apparent that Mr. Rientar loves his job. Despite the limitations such as old tools, shortage of resources and manpower, not to mention his non-formal educational background, Mr. Rientar is passionate in his work and proud of what he has contributed to the organization. He exerts the best in him to keep the art department surviving and beneficial to the hotel. To achieve this goal, he is resourceful in looking for ways and means to learn the latest trends in art technology. On his own account, he buys software programs and comes up with different creative ways to continuously improve the promotional items/materials needed by the sales/marketing/PR and Food and Beverage departments. His leadership style is tough and autocratic as he indicated because he finds that this is appropriate to discipline his staff. He demands accuracy and does not want to settle for second best only.

Right now, Mr. Rientar is satisfied with his experiences in art department. He wants to give chances to his staffs so they can go forward by giving responsibilities and creativity in doing their job. They are working together to achieve one goal, make advertising the hotel more interesting and help all department promote their events. Based on the overall results, we suggest to retain Mr. Rientar and use him as a resource person to train new talents to fill in the art department. His “street smart” experience could be helpful for the beginners. However, with the stiff competition in marketing, PR and sales amonst the five start hotels, it is best to consider a professional to handle the promotional materials of the hotel, etc. by way of hiring someone with the right technical backgkound or outsource such activities to a third party.

You can download brilliant powerpoint slides about Career Management and HR Strategy HERE.