Creative Talents and Career Goals

Mr. Rientar has been dealing in art and designs for almost 28 years, despite that fact that he has no formal art or design educational background. It started as a hobby because he enjoys graphics, which led him to be the sole person in-charge of the hotel’s promotional materials. The hobby, which turned into his major profession, he supported himself by taking art courses and interaction with other artists from different hotels. He was responsible for the creation of the hotel’s art department and claims that he is continuously devoted to this field.

Mr. Rientar is passionate about this position and wants to bring out the best in all his artistic designs. He is responsible for all the banners, pamphlets, sign that we see around the lobby and the different restaurant outlets. He desires to see Sun Jaya to be promoted and be able to attract guests and diners not only by way of sales, marketing or public relations but also by way of his designs. At present, he is the only one in the hotel who is tasked with the responsibility of art creations. He aims to be the best art director and wants to see the Art Department successful to achieve his goal. Continue reading