Social Relationship and Job Skills

Mr. Sani projects himself as a leader who has strong need to control his staff. He does not hesitate to closely check and monitor every single task that his staff have done to ensure that each job has been finished properly. Equipped with his high attention to detail, he is able to detect any single mistake that his staff may have done and then takes immediate action to correct it. For instance, on a regular basis he checks the correctness of his staff job in accounting the inventory level of linen. If he finds any error, he immediately invites his staff, shows the error, and then asks them to correct it. Indeed, these strict and consistent controls have helped him a lot in maintaining the good quality of his team performance.

Mr. Sani also applies strong control to enforce sense of discipline among his staff. Combined with his high intention to follow rules and procedures, he utilizes his control power to build strong sense of discipline. He himself also tries to be a good role model in displaying sense of discipline. The synergy between good role model, consistent control, and stick adherence to procedures has apparently been very effective to create good discipline ethics in his work areas.

Mr. Sani tends to take many factors into considerations carefully before making decisions. He also likes to consult to established procedures in the process of making decisions. Although he is not a vigorous type of person, he tends to be open and assertive in expressing his intentions. He seems to be a tough leader and does not hesitate to strongly force his staff to do the right things in doing their jobs.

Mr. Sani also displays good level of creativity and sense of initiative. Faced with problems of linen shortage, he is able to come up with creative solutions: he asked his staff to utilize scrap and used linens to make new napkins. By doing so, he was ablt to creatively transform useless things into something useful and meaningful.

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Mr. Sani appears as a person who likes to interact with others and build wide social relationship. He also has relatively high need to belong to group although he generally can rely on himself in doing his tasks. He does not enjoy the spotlight and prefers to display a low profile appearance. Emotionally stable, he has an ability to keep his emotions under control. He can adapt to a variety of situations and relatively be open with ideas of change; and yet he still has endurance top deal with relatively routine jobs without getting easily bored.


• Projects himself as a high discipline employee
• Has high consistency in maintaining high quality works
• Has high attention to detail
• Tends to be very organized and systematic in doing his tasks

• Tends to be slow and too cautious in making decisions
• His tendency to over-structure his jobs may bring him to become inflexible


Mr. Sani started his career in Sun Hotel as a uniform attendant. Because of his intense hard work, he was able to move up the ladder steadily despite his low education level. Vertically he has been able to move up his position from Houseman, Room Boy, Floor Supervisor to finally reach as a Chief Linen and Uniform. He is a former Chairman of Sun Hotel Union.

Mr. Sani projects himself as a tough leader who applies extensive control to enforce discipline and quality orientation to his staff. Supported by his high attention to detail, he closely monitors the performance of his staff and consistently demands them to perform the right things in doing their jobs, Although he tends to be very cautious and a bit slow in making decisions, he is able to demonstrate fast work tempo and internally geared for high outputs. He constantly organizes his tasks in a systematic manner and maintains neat and order workplace. Indeed, the combination of his systematic style, his sharp attention to detail and his strong enforcement to build discipline has apparently helped him to produce good quality output in his workplace. These attributes, on the other hand, have also helped him in gaining high respect and enable him to galvanize commitments for his staff.

Overall, Mr. Sani has proven to the management that he is a capable and responsible employee. However, it seems that he has utilized his capabilities to the optimum and does not qualify for further promotion. We recommend Mr. Sani to maintain his position till he retires.