Developing Supervision Skills

Mr. Peter is the type of worker who prefers to work on his tasks one by one until it is done. He says that it is a burden if he cannot finish one task on time or else he will delegate to his subordinates to avoid any delay. He enjoys doing his tasks like a hobby and sees his work as something not requiring intense effort. He is happy in his current position and already familiar with his tasks, making him no need to put extra effort in handling his daily activities.

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Mr. Peter is a practical worker; he mostly responds quickly to anticipate daily work problems. He uses his past experience and gut feeling when solving problems. He mentions the time where there was an event wedding for 2500 persons and there was a shortage of supplies such as glasses/cutlery. There was pressure from top, as he will be fired if the event was not successfully managed. To solve this, he personally went out to buy 600 pieces of new glasses with his own money. The problem was solved and the wedding reception was managed successfully.

Mr. Peter does not mind to personally handle details to ensure that everything is on track. A systematic and neat worker, he is the type who wants things to be put in a neat and orderly manner. Instead of delegating to his subordinates, he personally monitors the equipment, checks the ones missing or broken and reports it to the F&B. He makes sure that his subordinates put things back to their places after handling an event in the function room.

When asked about his leadership style, Mr. Peter says that he prefers applying personal approach to support and motivate his subordinates. According to him, being strict is useless and may cause clash and this will achieve no result. He positions himself as a father to his subordinates; he gives verbal reprimanding when they do not change. He applies a simple method to motivate his subordinates, i.e. giving a full extra day off, or promoting his staff status from daily worker to contract.

While he can work with minimal supervision, Mr. Peter needs clear guidelines and procedures to back him up in giving action and taking decision. Moreover, he prefers to think the pros and cons before arriving at a decision. He needs to be careful and ask approval from his superiors if the problem is outside his line of authority, i.e. releasing money to buy equipment and supplies.

Mr. Peter has a quick grasp of things and can be effective under time pressure. He claims that he must be quick in giving action; otherwise, it will affect the whole performance. He recalled an incident when the coal was finished but there was no action even though it was already reported. He took the initiative by asking money from F&B to get cash to buy coal.

Mr. Peter is an outgoing person who enjoys meeting people. He is able to establish good rapport and communications with others; and during the meeting he projected a positive initial impression. He can relate well with others both with group and individual. Mr. Peter is open in expressing his feelings and emotions. He claims himself as sensitive to others’ needs and is easy to get emotionally moved by other’s problem and suffering. He has the urge to assist like one occasion when his subordinate needed transport money, he doled out from his own pocket money.

Mr. Peter is the type of worker who likes to maintain peace and harmony in the working environment. He prefers to apply musyawarah in settling conflict with others. As a team, they have to meet everyday and cooperate and this musyawarah style minimizes clash. Mr. Peter can adapt to routine tasks and will not get bored easily. He is a steady worker who has consistent work approach. He tries to be patient in adjusting to the company’s situation and condition, even though he thinks that the management should change the current practices otherwise it would ruin the hotel’s image in the future.

Mr. Peter already spent about 20 years working in the Sun Jaya hotel. He is familiar with the job, and is able to cope with its challenge. He thinks that he already works at his best, but the management must do something to improve their facilities, equipment and supplies otherwise a 3-star hotel can easily compete with Sun in the near future.


• Practical, gives fast action by using his past experience.
• Detailed worker, he makes sure that data is accurate and complete.
• A team player, willing to cooperate and treats his subordinates as big family.
• Can establish good rapport and communication; enjoys social interaction.

• May waste time in handling detailed matters. Should delegate more details to subordinates.
• Already in the “comfort zone”, happy and contented and may not aim for further success

Mr. Peter is a Senior High School graduate. His career history in Sun Jaya hotel spans about 20 years in the operations’ position. He started as daily worker for three months, and then was appointed as permanent employee in March 1983. He climbed his career from Steward Staff, Supervisor up to now as Assistant Chief Steward. Reporting directly to the Chief Steward, he is responsible for preparing schedule for his team, managing nine steward storages, which include monitoring the inventory of equipment and cleaning supplies. There are 14 subordinates in his team comprising of three Senior Supervisor as direct reports.

Mr. Peter’s strengths lie on his persistence in handling his tasks and ability to give quick action and decision within his area of responsibility. Being already 20 years in handling steward activities, he is familiar with the job and people and able to know the appropriate style in leading his team. He is detailed, meticulous and systematic, and those traits are supporting him in conducting the job. A socially extroverted individual, he is able to establish good communication making social contacts easy to initiate and establish.

Based on the above findings, we find Mr. Peter a happy and contented in his current position. He is confident and is already familiar with the job, people and really knows the hotel situation and is able to cope with the challenge of his job. We find him appropriate in his current position but has limited potential to be promoted to a higher level.

You can download brilliant powerpoint slides about Career Management and HR Strategy HERE.