Developing Supervision Skills

Mr. Peter is the type of worker who prefers to work on his tasks one by one until it is done. He says that it is a burden if he cannot finish one task on time or else he will delegate to his subordinates to avoid any delay. He enjoys doing his tasks like a hobby and sees his work as something not requiring intense effort. He is happy in his current position and already familiar with his tasks, making him no need to put extra effort in handling his daily activities.

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Mr. Peter is a practical worker; he mostly responds quickly to anticipate daily work problems. He uses his past experience and gut feeling when solving problems. He mentions the time where there was an event wedding for 2500 persons and there was a shortage of supplies such as glasses/cutlery. There was pressure from top, as he will be fired if the event was not successfully managed. To solve this, he personally went out to buy 600 pieces of new glasses with his own money. The problem was solved and the wedding reception was managed successfully. Continue reading