Creative Solutions and Leadership

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Mr. Tony depicts the profile of a dedicated and disciplined employee. Considering that he is just a junior high school, he compensates this limitation by constantly displaying a good moral character and strict adherence to code of work ethics. Likewise, he continually works hard to accomplish assignments satisfactorily. From his examples, it appears that he has maintained a good track record as far as obedience and discipline at work is concerned. He claimed that he had never been absent in every single working day during the 23 years of his career in Sun Hotel. His strong endurance in working has earned for him the award as Best Employee of the Year in 90’s.

As a leader Mr. Tony applies relatively strong control to monitor his own as well as staff performance. He puts emphasis on the detail of his work to ensure that everything is taken care properly. He checks his staff works closely and pays attention to every corner of the public area to monitor whether his staff has done their tasks appropriately or not.

He combines this leadership style by referring to hotel rules and procedures. He does not hesitate to give warning letter to those who violated rules at work. As an example, he uses himself as the role model applying the show and tell type of leadership. He claims that this technique is effective in nurturing sense of good quality work among his staff.

In the process of solving the problem of equipment shortage, Mr. Tony is able to come up with creative solutions. Based on his long experience as a cleaner, he created creative tools, such as floor cleaning tools to help his team to remain effective in cleaning the hotel public areas despite equipment shortage.

Mr. Tony appears as a person who is energetic and willing to interact with others. He also tends to enjoy the recognition from others of what he has been doing. He may get demotivated if his achievement is not given proper appreciation from management. He comes across as a calm person who can keep his emotion under control. He maintains steady work pace and claims that this kind of pace has helped him in doing his tasks well. Full of smile, he seems to be able to communicate his opinions articulately and enthusiastically.

• Projects a strong sense of disciplined worker
• Has high attention to detail
• Pleasant disposition and sociable
• Displays initiative
• Firm in controlling subordinates

• Does not have high confidence to lead others
• High need for recognition, may feel demotivated when not given the recognition and appreciation due him.


Mr. Tony started his career in Sun Hotel as a Houseman. He then moved up the ladder by holding various positions in housekeeping area. He became Chief Houseman in 1999. He has a total of 24 years spent in this hotel to date indicating a high sense of loyalty and belonging.

Mr. Tony is a dedicated employee who prefers to use the role model approach in motivating and inspiring his staff. He has patterned his own work style and his work discipline as the model and shares this to his team. In addition to his strong sense of discipline, he is attentive to the quality of his work as well as his staff’s. He closely monitors his staff performance on a regular basis to ensure that all areas are cleaned properly. Despite equipment shortage, he continually tries to clean the hotel’s public areas with tools that he and his team designed together.

Mr. Tony expressed confidence and is certain about his capabilities and the quality of his work. He is also aware that his peers and superiors recognize his work and his achievements as well.

Based on overall findings, it seems that he has proven to management that he is a capable and responsible employee. However, it is apparent that he has utilized his capabilities to the optimum and has reached his “peak”. For this reason, Mr. Tony need no further promotion, however, he can keep his position till he retires.

You can download brilliant powerpoint slides about Career Management and HR Strategy HERE.