Principles to Apply Creative Problem Solving

Regardless of whether brainstorming or brainwriting procedures are used, there are other considerations involved in using Creative Problem Solving (CPS) methods. For companies that plan to use off-the-shelf programs or design their own in-house programs, there are certain rules of thumb that, if followed, can help maximize the benefit from CPS techniques. In this regard, the follow¬ing guidelines should prove useful. Continue reading

Creative Problem Solving and Innovation

Creative problem solving (CPS) is an idea whose time has come— once again. A popular topic in the 1950s and early 1960s, CPS faded from the scene as many users became disenchanted with the inconsistent results the then-existing methods seemed to produce. Now, however, CPS is being seen in a more positive light; more techniques have become available, and managerial problems have increased in both complexity and in scope.

A growing number of conferences, workshops, films, books, articles, newsletters and consultant services are available today for managers in¬terested in improving their CPS skills. Furthermore, the media have begun to emphasize the need for more creativity and innovation in Ameri¬can business and industry. Continue reading

Creative Solutions and Leadership

You can download brilliant powerpoint slides about Career Management and HR Strategy HERE.

Mr. Tony depicts the profile of a dedicated and disciplined employee. Considering that he is just a junior high school, he compensates this limitation by constantly displaying a good moral character and strict adherence to code of work ethics. Likewise, he continually works hard to accomplish assignments satisfactorily. From his examples, it appears that he has maintained a good track record as far as obedience and discipline at work is concerned. He claimed that he had never been absent in every single working day during the 23 years of his career in Sun Hotel. His strong endurance in working has earned for him the award as Best Employee of the Year in 90’s.

As a leader Mr. Tony applies relatively strong control to monitor his own as well as staff performance. He puts emphasis on the detail of his work to ensure that everything is taken care properly. He checks his staff works closely and pays attention to every corner of the public area to monitor whether his staff has done their tasks appropriately or not. Continue reading