Leadership and Customer Satisfaction

Mr. Lennon finds enjoyment in his current job. According to him, it is the client interaction that he loves most about his work. He prefers to attend to one task and see it through completion before starting on a new activity. He shows a high need to achieve greater accomplishments in his career and personal life and has the tendency to set high standards for himself and others. He shows flexibility in his work despite his mature age. He gives high prime to details and would prefer to handle a task himself rather than delegate to one of his three subordinates. Moreover, he appears to be a pragmatic person and possesses a macro- perspective when looking and dealing with a situation or dilemma. Continue reading

Enhancing Your Leadership and Managerial Skills

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Mr. Terry is a hard worker. He was able to work his way up from a basic laundry crew to his current position as Junior Assistant Laundry Manager. His work involves much regard for details and he is able to meet this requirement. He is organized and strictly follows hotel rules and regulations, as this is a mandate for his job, which is mostly comprised of routine tasks.

Despite the monotonous nature of his work, he still strives to do his best and accomplish more tasks than what his boss expects. He displays high commitment to accomplish a task and prefers to attend to matters one at a time to entail higher accuracy and correctness. He practices delegation of tasks, mostly those that are administrative, to his subordinates, but prefers to handle the more important ones such as guest complaints and the like. Continue reading

Strong Leadership Qualities

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Mr. Brian is a single-track minded worker; he prefers to work on his tasks one by one until it is completely done. He dislikes being interrupted while he is in the middle of working on one task. However, he claims that there is always something urgent given from other department or management to be able to settled first. Therefore, he needs to adjust and change his priority in this situation.

Mr. Brian is able to use shortcuts in anticipating limited budget and sources in handling maintenance activities. He said that he acquired this through trial and error from his lengthy years of experience. While this approach has worked successfully, he feels uncomfortable because he believes that engineering tasks should follow work and maintenance standards that of a 5-star hotel. Continue reading

Career Development Plan

Ms. Jeany portrays herself as a hard intense worker who enjoys challenging tasks and prefers to be deeply involved in a variety of jobs. Once she is given a particular job, she will focus on that job and commits herself to successfully complete it. Young and energetic, she radiates the aura of optimism and aspiration to achieve meaningful accomplishment.

At present, she has no direct subordinate – therefore, she does not have opportunity to express her leadership skills. Nevertheless, in her previous work experiences she displayed strong leadership abilities by being a coordinator of events. She and her friends grouped together and organized events. As the leader, she prefers to give freedom and empowers her staff as she herself also likes to be treated the same. Thus, she will feel uncomfortable if her boss or superior applies strict supervision on her while at work. Continue reading

Creative Solutions and Leadership

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Mr. Tony depicts the profile of a dedicated and disciplined employee. Considering that he is just a junior high school, he compensates this limitation by constantly displaying a good moral character and strict adherence to code of work ethics. Likewise, he continually works hard to accomplish assignments satisfactorily. From his examples, it appears that he has maintained a good track record as far as obedience and discipline at work is concerned. He claimed that he had never been absent in every single working day during the 23 years of his career in Sun Hotel. His strong endurance in working has earned for him the award as Best Employee of the Year in 90’s.

As a leader Mr. Tony applies relatively strong control to monitor his own as well as staff performance. He puts emphasis on the detail of his work to ensure that everything is taken care properly. He checks his staff works closely and pays attention to every corner of the public area to monitor whether his staff has done their tasks appropriately or not. Continue reading

Sales Manager and Leadership

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As a Senior Sales Manager in Banquet, Mr. Jonsen has 16 direct subordinates comprising of five sales managers, two sales executives and nine sales administrators. He and his team’s main duties are to market banquet facilities as well as sell food and beverages products. Given soft external market, he admitted that he and his team find hard times to meet the revenue target that has been established by management.

Mr. Jonsen seems to be confident with his leadership skills. In leading his staff, he tends to give autonomy and empowers them so that they can have liberty to choose the best action. He does not apply strict control to monitor his staff performance and prefers informal approach in dealing with his staff. He is quick in making decisions although at times he may overlook detail and ignore accuracy just for the sake of fast decision making process. He also regularly consults to procedures and his boss to make critical decisions about his jobs. Continue reading