Career Development Plan

Ms. Jeany portrays herself as a hard intense worker who enjoys challenging tasks and prefers to be deeply involved in a variety of jobs. Once she is given a particular job, she will focus on that job and commits herself to successfully complete it. Young and energetic, she radiates the aura of optimism and aspiration to achieve meaningful accomplishment.

At present, she has no direct subordinate – therefore, she does not have opportunity to express her leadership skills. Nevertheless, in her previous work experiences she displayed strong leadership abilities by being a coordinator of events. She and her friends grouped together and organized events. As the leader, she prefers to give freedom and empowers her staff as she herself also likes to be treated the same. Thus, she will feel uncomfortable if her boss or superior applies strict supervision on her while at work.

Ms. Jeany is a person who likes to plan her work systematically. Tactful and practical, she prefers to apply ‘to the point’ approach in solving problems. She also displays strong abilities in creativity and a sense of initiative. For instance, in her previous workplace, she claims to have contributed an idea and successfully organized an event called “Parents Day” for the company. For this initiative, she was awarded recognition from her firm’s regional headquarter in Hong Kong. Now she assists some managers in the hotel to make creative transparency presentations.


Ms. Jeany impressed us as an energetic and friendly person. She likes to interact and cooperate with others to accomplish tasks without being deeply involved in social chit-chat. Socially self-reliant, she does not have high need to belong to groups. Instead, she can maintain autonomy and independency, and does not find difficulties adjusting to a new work environment.

Ms. Jeany prefers a vJeanyty of tasks and diversified situations. Indeed, her need for change is extremely high. She is dynamic, open to new ideas and can easily adapt. Emotionally, she has the tendency to be moody and restless especially when tasks become boring and repetitive. Management should note that this kind of worker must be kept motivated and be given challenge at most times to get her more productive.


• Flexible and adaptable to change
• Possess creative skills
• Organized type of person
• Displays high need to achieve and will exert hard work to attain goal

• Tendency to get easily bored with repetitive tasks
• Tends to be restless and moody
• May not be aware of importance of the routine procedures
• Resists close supervision when she still needs it


Ms. Jeany joined Sun Hotel in 2002 as secretary to Resident Manager General Manager. Prior to this, she spent three years in an event organizer company and then in a multinational bank.

Ms. Jeany is a person who has high aspiration to achieve her career goal. To achieve this, she works hard and displays high commitment in doing her tasks. She does things in a practical way and likes to resolve problems on the spot. Highly adaptable to variety of situations, she displays unique abilities and creative ideas to make her job more interesting. However, her high need for change is likely to get her easily bored, moody and restless when performing routine tasks. For as long as her present job can offer a variety of tasks, she will perform well. On the other hand, when she can no longer find excitement in her present job, she may be unproductive.

Based on the above findings, we suggest that management should prepare career development plan to consider and optimize Ms. Jeany’s potentials and dynamism. When this is possible, a transfer to other departments which offer more tasks and challenge such as public relations, sales or marketing may be an option. The synergy of Ms. Jeany’s personality, work spirit and potentials make her appropriate in a service-oriented industry and lays the foundation of even higher success in her future career. We recommend to maintain and further develop talents like Ms. Jeany.

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