Participative Type of Leadership

Ms. Janet is an extremely organized person and favors to do things in a systematic manner. She carries a macro-level perspective and is pragmatic. She is able to delegate small matters to her subordinates and gives more attention to the bigger and more important details. She is hard working and desires to acquire new knowledge and skills on a different field for self- improvement and career development.

Ms. Janet appears to be at ease when dealing with people. She is able to sustain a pleasant appearance and express her ideas and thoughts clearly. She asserts her recommendations if necessary and desires to have a harmonious work relationship with subordinates and supervisors in her department. Her creative abilities, which are suppressed by their low budget and old equipment, have yet to be sharpened land realized.

Ms. Janet has two subordinates at present, and demonstrates a participative type of leadership wherein she values the inputs and concerns of her subordinates. Apart from this, she also guides and trains her staff whenever they seek her help and advice. Ms. Janet does not find the need to be forceful or to exercise much effort in suppressing her emotions because according to her, she, along with her subordinates and supervisor share a healthy harmonious work relationship.


Ms. Janet appears to be a pleasant person. She shares a close relationship with her co- workers, yet maintains distance to imply that she is still the person-in-charge. She maintains this image so that work is work and socializing can be minimized. According to her, it is for this reason why she and her co-workers are able to be open to one another and have a harmonious work relationship. As a manager, she tries to the best of her ability to respond to the needs of her staff and of the hotel’s clients. Moreover, she desires to acquire new knowledge and skills by way of training or asking for feedback from her supervisors and peers.


• Neat and organized
• Sociable
• Pleasant and conscientious worker

• Can be manipulated because of her helpful nature


Ms. Arisiana has been with the hotel for ten years. Prior to her current role, she first became the senior secretary of the Business Center in 1990. She has been the Assistant Business Center Manager since 1999.

Ms. Arisiana comes across as a pleasant person. She conveys that she is satisfied with her job and position, yet yearns to acquire new knowledge and skills in a different field. She is articulate and assertive. Her leadership skills are well exercised. She demonstrates a participative type of leadership with her subordinates and shares a harmonious work relationship with them. She values the feedback of others in order for her to determine her own areas for development.

From the information gathered and evaluated about Ms. Janet, it appears that her attitude allows her to cope with the requirements of her job. Her positive and pleasant disposition also affects her work and her relationship with clients and co-workers in a positive way. She seeks self-improvement by way of feedback from others and training on different fields. Her present contribution and her likely contributions in the future are deemed to be of value to this hotel. It is, therefore, in this light that Ms. Janet is recommended to undergo further training that would enable her to qualify in the future career advancement program of the hotel.