Organizational Commitment

Mr. Ron has worked for Sun Jaya Hotel for more than 25 years. Through out the years he has been known as a hard worker who conforms to the hotel’s rules and procedures. He considers Sun Jaya not just a place to earn but also as his own home, this shows a very high sense of belonging and organizational commitment. It seems that this perception of “this is my home” was instilled into him by Bapak and Ibu since the first time he worked here. With this in mind, Mr. Ron has always shown nothing but his best.

He would arrive at 10:00 AM and immediately get on with his daily task by checking the function room and briefing his staff regarding upcoming events. He plans ahead before occasions and assess possible problems before they arise. As a leader and head of his staff he is known to be very strict and the no non-sense type. When facing problems he would first analyse the situation, and explains to the wrongdoer where he went wrong and what he should have done.

He would not hesitate giving sanctions to those who broke the rules. Every now and then he reminds his staff that Sun Jaya is their hotel which belongs to “us” and should treat it as if we live here. He always uses himself as an example to teach and train his staff and therefore, always exerts his best to show them how things are done. Being a good role model and mentor to his subordinates he has achieved the fruits of his labor for he is now slated for promotion to become Assistant Banquet Operations Manager.

When problems come up with a customer he would always refer to his event order. It is from this event order that he runs and organizes the banquets. Claiming that miscommunication is normally the cause of the problem, Mr. Ron would do whatever he can to please the customer after confirming and finding out what went wrong. Being very confident at all times, he takes responsibility for his every action.

Mr. Ron likes to do things properly. He sometimes comes up with some ideas to satisfy guests such as adding music in the function rooms especially for those running a one week training. He likes to change the linens to different colors to liven up the place. He worries a lot when things are not running well to the extent of affecting his physical condition. As an example is the forthcoming Kudus affair which is a big event. A great number of kitchen team and kitchen supplies are needed. He is now starting to panic because the supplies are still short. In such a case, he continuously reminds his bosses to achieve the best service. He is a fast pace who prefers quick action than too much planning. However, he uses his practical knowledge and past experiences as guide and avoids risk as much as possible.


Mr. Ron is a social introvert who would only interact with people whenever necessary. At work, is more job-oriented than people-oriented thus he has no time for social amenities. At times, he can be misjudged as socially detached and lacks the social graces when communicating with his co-worker. Nevertheless, he is reasonable as long as it is within the company rules. As for him, rules are sacred and it cannot be changed. He is strong-willed and is strict when it comes to work discipline, and he remarked that “job is job!” To prove this, he said that personnel record shows that he has never been absent from work, only when he got sick. Towards his staff, he makes sure they are within his sight , he monitors not only their work but also their presence, and does not give them an opportunity to play while working. As an example, he situated the praying room near his workplace. In spite his strictness, he is adaptable and flexible to the needs of the job.


• A truly dedicated and task-committed worker
• Displays an intense need to do his best at work
• A firm and disciplined leader
• A fast-paced action-oriented worker
• Has high sense of organizational commitment

• Suffering from work-related stress which affects his physical condition
• Low self-esteem, sometimes uncertain about his own capabilities
• May need to establish a closer relationship with his team
• Needs to improve his social skills


Mr. Ron is one of the perfect examples of a hardworker whose dedication is sincere. He displays high task and organizational commitment. He is a self-starter who learned the ins and outs of banquet operations on the job. He has his own way of learning and sets his own standards which is to do the best of his ability.

From the results of the interview, Mr. Ron has given us varied examples and explanations that portrays his firm leadership style, slow but sure way of decision making, initiative which leads to creative ideas and his resourcefulness in getting things done. His high need to achieve is also an indication that Mr. Ron is a strong-willed character who wants to build a professional career in banqueting. At age 45, Mr. Ron is still full of energy and eagerness, enduring the demands as well as coping the problems that go with the job. This passion for his job is all because he believes that the hotel is a part of him, it is an extension of his home, thus, he must take good care of the visitors. Integrity is another trait we sensed in him. For Mr. Ron, job is job and this should be valued. On the other hand, Mr. Ron may need to balance his workstyle and lifestyle. His “workaholic” nature can jeopardize his health. He also needs to modify his social nature and interact with his staff and colleagues not just on work-related issues. He is so much of a worrier which tends to give a tense effect whenever he is around his staff and other co-workers.

Based on the foregoing, Mr. Ron has the right attributes and managerial qualities appropriate in his role. He also has a very strong determination to succeed and learn. Given the right formal and technical training, Mr. Ron has the potential for further development. We recommend him to you for further consideration.