Becoming a Smart Worker

Ms. Michelle appears to be a satisfied “smart” worker. She is happy with her job, but despite her contentment, she still strives to further improve herself and the business of the hotel. The nature of her job has instilled patience and perseverance in her. She is flexible and very pragmatic. She is able to adapt to her working environment quickly and also possesses the ability of making quick decisions.

Ms. Michelle is able to establish good rapport fast. She is very articulate and is able to express her insights clearly. She answers questions directly and systematically. Her display of certainty when conversing and answering questions exudes confidence that may be one of the reasons why she is able to win clients for ASI. In addition, she comes across as a pleasant person despite her assertiveness.

Ms. Michelle is a quick decision maker. She adheres to the managements’ rules and guidelines when deciding on an agreement with a client however, she practices autonomy in decision making when faced with a situation outside the scope of the protocol. When faced with this scenario wherein she has to use her own discretion, Ms. Michelle takes full responsibility for her actions and takes charge of the situation.

Ms. Michelle is a “deliverer”. She prefers to see things in a broader perspective and accomplishes them quickly. She takes into value the input of others and could be considered as a team worker. Her enthusiasm makes it easier for her to deal with the stress and other demands of her job that may be physically taxing.

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Ms. Michelle comes across as a pleasant person. She is able to establish good rapport quickly and is very sociable to both clients and co-workers. The nature of her work has developed patience and persistence in her. Her display of confidence enables her to manage a situation in favor of her and for Sun’s business. She adheres to the managements’ rules and guidelines when making a decision on businesses but is not restricted by the fore mentioned rules. In instances wherein she makes a decision that is not according to the managements’ guidelines, she takes full responsibility for it. Above all, her high regard for teamwork is highly apparent.

• Sociable
• Adapts easily to working environment
• Enthusiastic about work

• Needs additional training on the field of marketing
• Lacks the opportunity to exercise full leadership abilities


Ms. Michelle has been with the ASI for four years now. She in the organization started as the sales executive for the apartment and held this position for two years. In 2000, she became the Assistant Marketing Manager of ASI. At present, apart from being ASI’s Assistant Marketing Manager, she also holds the position of tenant- relations officer handling various tenant complains and finding resolution to them.

Ms. Michelle’s positive attitude gives her the enthusiasm she has for her job. She is sociable and comes across as a pleasant person. Her pleasant disposition has also allowed her to be more patient and persistent when facing both prospective and existing clients. She adheres to the managements’ procedures in decision- making, but uses her own discretion at times. She takes full responsibility for her own decisions and takes effective action to remedy the scenario. She seeks additional knowledge and training to better her skills in marketing.

Based from the information gathered, Ms. Michelle appears to be appropriate for her current job position. Her pleasant disposition and enthusiasm allows her to enjoy her work and gives her the energy to answer the demands and stress that is associated with her work. Her ability to create a good relationship with clients, that at times may be deeper than a professional arrangement, has resulted to a great number of satisfied clients and customer. Her quick decision making skills makes it possible for her to make great advances in her professional career.

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