Self Improvements and Leadership Role

Ms. Angela appears to be knowledgeable on the Japanese accounts that she is assigned to handle in the Sales and Marketing department of the hotel. She carries an innate interest in Japanese culture, which paves the way for her to find her job enjoyable. She prefers to have well defined goals and have concrete measurements of her success. She displays the desire to achieve higher success and accomplish even greater tasks and responsibilities. She is organized and systematic but is also flexible in going about with her work. She possesses a macro level perspective and places a high importance on theoretical and conceptual knowledge.

Ms. Angela is communicative and articulate. She comes across as a pleasant person and projects a high level of self- certainty. She seeks feedback and recognition from her supervisor and co-workers for her efforts, achievements and self-improvement. When asked if she has encountered a situation wherein she was given the chance to manifest her creativity, Ms. Angela cited the time when the hotel had 200 Japanese guests under her account and suggested to the management to provide Japanese tea in each of the guests’ room so that they will feel comfortable and special. The management implemented her suggestion and according to her, it was not just the management who was pleased, but more importantly, the Japanese guests were satisfied.

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Ms. Angela is very cautious in decision- making. According to her, she takes a lot of things into consideration, and even consults her supervisor when she is uncertain before deciding on different matters. She has under developed leadership skills because she believes that she has not been given the opportunity to exercise or hold a leadership role. She prefers to focus on her specific role or responsibility in instances wherein she is put in a team or work group.


Ms. Angela has good socializing skills. Her knowledge on the Japanese culture and language makes her appropriate for her current responsibility in the Sales and Marketing department. She is able to maintain good work and personal relationships with her co-workers, yet manages not to be too emotionally attached to anybody. She has set high standards for herself and has the tendency to expect others to comply to them as well. She acknowledges her lack of theoretical knowledge on sales and marketing, which is why she has been taking the initiative to ask her supervisor for books on that particular field.

• Trustworthy
• Responsible
• Takes the initiative to improve knowledge and skills in areas that she is interested in

• Not punctual
• Lacks salesmanship skills, needs training


Ms. Angela has been with Hotel Sun for two years. She immediately started as the hotel’s Sales Executive handling Japanese accounts. Lists of her responsibilities include promoting Hotel Sun to the Japanese market, achieve target and attend the daily sales call.

Ms. Angela exudes confidence and certainty. She carries an innate interest in Japanese culture thereby making her appropriate for her current job position. She also has good socializing skills and appears to be knowledgeable of her specific role. She is articulate and assertive and is able to maintain good relationships with her co-workers. She is flexible in her job, but prefers to focus on her specific role and responsibility when in work groups. She acknowledges her lack of theoretical knowledge in the field of marketing, which is why she takes the initiative to learn on her own.

Based on the information gathered, Ms. Angela’s interest and knowledge on Japanese culture makes her appropriate for her current position. Her good socializing skills is another positive indicator that she is fit in the marketing field. According to her, her desire for career development in Hotel Sun has been delayed for quite awhile now. Currently, she is displaying a decreasing enthusiasm and zest that she used to have in her job due to the delay of her career advancement plans and work atmosphere. Should the management be able to satisfy her needs for career development and present her with opportunities to develop her leadership skills, Ms. Angela has the potential to be a valuable contributor to this hotel.