Improving Staff Performance

Mr. Pete is a headwaiter in Mina Seafood and has 12 direct subordinates. In addition to coordinating his waiters to serve customers, he also has to make monthly work schedule and provide training — both in class and on the job training — for his staff on a regular basis.

As a leader he tends to use close and strict control to monitor his staff performance and pays attention to the detail and accuracy. He claimed that these attributes have helped him in ensuring that Mina Seafood room is always clean and neat. Nevertheless, the combination of his strong control and his high attention to detail makes him a dominant leader who may hesitate to give autonomy and trust to his staff. While this trait may be appropriate at times, it may also create disapproval and anger in the workplace.

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Mr. Pete is apparently not a multi tasked type of person. He prefers to focus on a single task until complete before he takes on another task. He will feel uncomfortable if he is given multi tasks that should be finished simultaneously. He also tends to be very cautious and would regularly consult his boss or relies on procedures before making decisions.

Mr. Pete is very observant to customers needs. He believes that he should be open to customers’ suggestion because it can positively help his restaurant to improve its performance. In the areas of creativity, however, he does not display outstanding abilities in creative thinking. He tends to just follow the established procedures and fails to provide meaningful examples that show his sense of initiative and creativity.


Mr. Pete appears as a person who has high need for closeness and affection. He tends to build strong and long lasting relations with others or organizations whom he trust. However, he is not overly dependent upon others – meaning that he can be self reliant in doing his tasks. Furthermore, he does not easily adapt to diversified situations. He prefers to work in a stable environment and adjust to routine tasks without getting bored easily.

Basically, he prefers to keep his emotions under control. However, most of the time, he expresses his feelings by being open and direct to the point. He also tends to get easily hurt by trivial things and immediately shows reaction. It is imperative that Mr. Pete tapers this strong emotional nature as it can have detrimental effect on his performance as well as relations with fellow workers.


• Observant to customers needs
• Has high attention to detail
• Likes to do things neat and in order or places great emphasis on neatness and order when doing his tasks.
• Confident and strict in a leader’s role

• He needs to improve his leadership style to create a more harmonious working atmosphere and get approval from his staff.
• Needs to restrain and taper his emotionally expressive ways.
• Lacks creativity


Mr. Pete started his career in Sun Hotel as waiter at banquet department in 1990. Since then, he moved up the ladder steadily and became Head Waiter in 2000.

Mr. Pete projects the image of a hard worker who has relatively high need for achievement. He dislikes being interrupted when he is doing his tasks. By being focused on a single task at the moment he expects that he can maintain accuracy and detail in performing his tasks. As far as his leadership style is concerned, he appears harsh and doing more of instructing and controlling rather than leading. Furthermore, he is apparently not a person who looks at the broad picture in approaching and solving problems. He prefers to go in detail and is more investigative.

Mr. Pete prefers action than spending time on planning thus projecting that of a fast-paced worker. However, when it comes to making decisions, he tends to be slow and would regularly consult his boss or relies on procedures before an action. Another weak area is is emotional nature. He needs to retrain his feelings and act maturely and professionally to gain the respect of his co-workers.

Based on the above findings, Mr. Pete seems to have adequately delivered what was expected of him and can still stay in Sun Hotel up until his normal retirement stage. However, he needs to modify his work attitude specifically his leadership style and emotional nature. He should also be more exposed to problem solving and decision making exercises to sharpen his skills. Appropriate technical training should be given to him such as restaurant management or food and beverage-related courses in order to improve his knowledge. We recommend that Personnel conduct career counselling to have an insight of his needs before any training is given. Therefore, we have reservations to recommend him for promotion unless the said issues are resolved.

You can download brilliant powerpoint slides about Career Management and HR Strategy HERE.