Leadership and Customer Satisfaction

Mr. Lennon finds enjoyment in his current job. According to him, it is the client interaction that he loves most about his work. He prefers to attend to one task and see it through completion before starting on a new activity. He shows a high need to achieve greater accomplishments in his career and personal life and has the tendency to set high standards for himself and others. He shows flexibility in his work despite his mature age. He gives high prime to details and would prefer to handle a task himself rather than delegate to one of his three subordinates. Moreover, he appears to be a pragmatic person and possesses a macro- perspective when looking and dealing with a situation or dilemma.

Mr. Lennon shows confidence in exercising his leadership authority over his three subordinates. According to him, he instills to his staff the importance of teamwork, especially when they are in the field. During the interview, however, he admits that he prefers to be the one to handle all matters and problems encountered in the field for he perceives himself to be trustworthy, accountable and experienced. In so far as decision- making is concerned, he shows ease in making fast decisions for according to him he bases all his decisions on the procedures and guidelines of the hotel.

Mr. Lennon’s showcase of his creative abilities and skills was deemed to be mediocre. He cited limited examples of his creativity, but took great pride in his ability to speak a variety of foreign languages. According to him, he learned to speak different languages by himself and utilizes this ability to attract tourists and entice them to stay in Sun Jaya while in Jakarta. He displays his commitment to customer satisfaction by dealing with clients calmly and with extreme politeness. Moreover, he tries to attend to the tourists and hotel clients personally than assigning one of his subordinates to attend to the client.

Mr. Lennon prefers to do and finish tasks rapidly and immediately. He is characterized to be a fast worker and desires to finish as many tasks as he could. In addition, his physical well- being enables him to meet the physical requirements, which normally entails him to be more mobile and “quick on his feet.”

Mr. Lennon displays independence and does not need to be closely supervised by his boss. According to him, he is able to do his work despite loose supervision for he has been given this responsibility and task for over a decade and is confident of his abilities. Moreover, his strict adherence to the rules and procedures of the hotel provides him with adequate and clear guidelines in performing his work and responsibilities effectively.


Mr. Lennon appears to be sociable and pleasant as these are imperatives in his job. Given a choice however, the likelihood of him choosing a one to one and more personal interaction with an individual is higher than group relations. He is able to communicate his ideas in English but is much more at ease speaking in bahasa – Indonesia. He shows some resistance to change and takes quite some time to get used to a new and different set-up should there be any major transitions that would directly affect his job and responsibilities. He also has the tendency to give in to his emotions and may be blunt in expressing them. He finds no need to be forceful, especially to his staff, for he believes in working with them and being part of the “team” instead of being just their boss. Furthermore, he adds that all his subordinates are cooperative and are easy to work with.


• Performance and output oriented
• Speaks fairly good English
• Has some knowledge in other foreign language

Areas for Development
• Should be less resistant to change
• Should acknowledge higher authority
• May be too tolerant as a leader
• May be doing too detailed tasks instead of delegating to subordinates


Mr. Lennon has been with Hotel Sun Jaya for 26 years. His lengthy stay in the hotel has enabled him to work in different departments and has given him some knowledge on hotel operations. At present, he is the Airport Representative and has three subordinates reporting to him. His current duties and responsibilities include welcoming and escorting guests to the hotel, fetching VIP visitors and making sure they arrive at the hotel safely and promoting Hotel Sun Jaya to tourists in the airport.

Mr. Lennon is confident of his abilities and skills in performing his job. He displays the same certainty in exercising his leadership role, yet claims to be a team player than a boss. He finds enjoyment in his job and takes pride in having the ability to speak a little of various languages. He appears to be pleasant and sociable yet is more inclined to choose a more personal and private relations rather than group interaction. He shows difficulty in adjusting to change and has the tendency to resist any form of transitions that has a direct effect on his job. Furthermore, despite his desire to accomplish things immediately, he is unable to attend to tasks that are not in his schedule of activities thereby delaying some reports and outputs. It seems that it is difficult for him to accept change. As an example, he still thinks he is still working for the sales team when actually not, and finding it hard to change his sales cap to the front office cap. There are also indications that he may rebel when change is forced on him.

From the findings presented above, it appears that Mr. Lennon has been able to perform his work satisfactorily through the years and has made his mark in the hotel. His achievements, especially in 1996 wherein he was given the Best Employee award, have proven the proficiency of his abilities and skills. Despite his contributions, the need for him to adjust to change is a must. His ability to cope with changes is deemed to be slow. Furthermore, he also displays the tendency to refuse higher authority, especially if his boss is just new and has not been able to establish relations with him that goes beyond work. It is therefore for these reasons that Mr. Lennon is recommended to be replaced and appropriate to be one of the candidates for the Early Retirement Package.