Becoming a Great Restaurant Manager

Mr. Denny is highly organized and systematic. He pays close attention to details for this a must in his job. He puts a prime on accuracy and does not compromise the precision of data. He prefers to focus on a specific task and see it through completion before starting on a new activity. Admittedly, he has completely realized his potentials and has no ambition to make any further advances in his career.

Mr. Denny has extremely low leadership role despite having an assistant. According to him, he lacks the opportunity to develop and exercise his leadership potentials because it is his supervisor and the management who makes all decisions related to accounts. He also has a deficiency in making quick- decisions for he would prefer to consult his supervisor first rather than decide on his own discretion and get blamed for it in the end.

Mr. Denny’s creativity has also been suppressed by the lack of opportunity to manifest it and by circumstances. He narrates that in 1980, he suggested to the management to purchase an adding machine after receiving counterfeit money, but rejected his proposal. According to him, he still gives suggestions till now to better the accounting operations. However, he would no longer assert his ideas should supervisor or the management have reservations or issues with it. In other words, he just plays non-chalant.

Mr. Denny prefers to work at his pace, but makes sure that he delivers the needed reports on time. His profile indicates, that although he is able to perform satisfactorily, he is working just for the sake of working. Furthermore, he admits that should he be given the chance to retire, he would take the management’s offer without hesitation.

Mr. Denny adheres strictly to the hotel’s rules and regulations and is, therefore, a conformist. Despite this however, he does not need close supervision from his superiors/ management for the quality of work that he has been presenting to them through the years has earned him their trust and confidence.


Mr. Denny comes across as a pleasant person. He is soft- spoken and appears to be timid. He shows low levels of energy that could be attributed to his mature age and his desire to retire. He is emotionally mature and is able to keep his emotions under control. From his 27 years with the hotel, he has acquired admirable work experience yet speaks modestly of them. He has proven his skills and loyalty to the hotel and finds no need to upstage others.


•Wealth of work experience
•Adheres strictly to rules and guidelines

Areas for Development
•Not Applicable


Mr. Denny has been rendering service to the Hotel Sun Jaya’s Accounting department since it started its operations in 1975. He first started as the Restaurant- Bar Cashier and held this position for five years. Afterwards, he became the night auditor for two years before becoming a staff in the general cashier. He held the staff position for two years and was promoted to Assistant General Cashier.

Mr. Denny characterizes himself as trustworthy. He is systematic and organized. He gives a high prime to details and does not comprise accuracy of information. He conforms to the hotel’s rules and regulations and does not need close supervision from his superiors. He has acquired commendable work experience yet maintains a low profile. He is emotionally mature and is able to retrain his emotions to avoid conflict and stress.

From the information gathered, Mr. Denny can be deemed as a dedicated and acceptable employee. He has shown to the management his skills through the quality of work that he has been presenting to them over the years. Moreover, he has proved his loyalty to the hotel by rendering his service for 27 years. He has actualized his potentials and personally desires to retire. It is for these reasons that Mr. Denny is recommended to be amongst those to take part of the Early Retirement Package provided the hotel.

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