How to Become an Effective Accounting Manager

Mr. Rooney projects himself as diligent and hard intense worker. He admitted that he is not very clever with a low educational attainment thus, he must work harder than others to move forward and achieve his aspiration to succeed. He had shown perseverance, high organizational commitment and dedication which had brought him to where he is today.

Mr. Rooney does not display strong tendency to lead others. When assuming leadership role, he puts more emphasis on being the role model. He continually demonstrates this role by being honest and safeguarding his moral integrity; two ingredients critically needed in the accounting profession. Indeed, his long career in Sun Hotel has cemented his reputation as a man of integrity.

Mr. Rooney aspires that all employees in Accounting Department can follow the rules and be honest in performing their tasks. This aspiration has become an obsession which led him to initiate systems to police the fraudulent actions. For example, he regularly rotated his staff from one section to another. He also suggested to hire an outsider to spy on cashiers in the hotel. This resulted to successful “caught wet” incidents where several cashiers were immediately fired.

Mr. Rooney is basically an organized person, always follows the procedures and pays close attention to details — work qualities which are considered his strengths which had supported him greatly in his accounting work. As to work tempo, at present, Mr. Rooney may appear slower in pace probably attributed to age and decreasing stamina. He should learn to delegate to his subordinates to avoid delays in the submission of financial reports,

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Mr. Rooney appears as a sociable person who is eager to interact with diverse people. He displays company loyalty and builds close and long lasting relations with people as well as institutions he can trust. Emotionally mature and stable, he prefers a calm environment and harmonious working relationship. He does not seek too much variety at work and in fact, he can adapt with ease and naturalness doing repetitive tasks.


• Honest and has high moral integrity
• Organized and has attention to details
• A conscientious dedicated hard worker

• none


Mr. Rooney has a very long career in Sun Group. He joined the group in 1965 as an accountant staff in Sun Hotel Solo. In the span of more than 30 years, he then began his long journey in several companies under Sun Group. He re-joined Sun Hotel Jakarta as chief accounting in 1999. His long career indeed displays his deep loyalty toward the Sun Group.

Mr. Rooney is one of Sun Group’s well-known, respected and longest serving employee who has earned good credits and reputation as an honest man and of high integrity. These qualities are innate in Mr. Rooney which prompted him to take steps geared towards the development of fine and reputed employees at Sun Jaya Hotel.

Mr. Rooney is almost approaching age 60 and definitely needs to retire. He has reached his peak and had already contributed significantly to his employer. His age may hinder him to perform as sharp and fast as before, and indications show that he is working at a slow speed. His presence can be considered as more of a technical advisor and must not be expected to perform like ten years ago.

Mr. Rooney possess the right qualities and work attitudes crucial in accounting, however, it is advisable that a successor should be under consideration by now to free Mr. Rooney from his responsibilities. It is also important to remind not only the accounting staff but the employees of Sun Group to look upon Mr. Rooney’s honesty and integrity as Sun’s role model. We recommend him to be granted the Early Retirement Program.