Housekeeping Manager in a Hotel

Mr. Bryan has been working in housekeeping department of Hotel Sun Jaya for 26 years. He seems to have accepted the fact that due to his old age, he has no more room for advancement and has reached the peak of his career, which is why he is working for the sake of working. Despite this attitude, he still displays a high commitment in finishing tasks assigned to him.

Personally, he prefers to deal with tasks and problems one at a time. When dealing with problems, he applies his past experience and the knowledge learned through the years in this hotel. He draws out solutions that have worked for him in the past to apply to the current dilemma. He prioritizes tasks according to their importance so that his staff will be able to work on them in an organized and systematic manner that would entail to a good result. In housekeeping, the tidiness and good grooming are two important aspects that are given priority.

Mr. Bryan appears as a calm person and is not a dominant leader. In a mild and calm manner, he reminds his people to do the job well and gives them autonomy in doing their work. Since, he is responsible for housekeeping operations in the night shift, he has to make decisions and know all what is happening when he is on duty. It is for this reason why he normally calls and checks with the housekeeping operator every 15 minutes if there are any requests from guests for towel change, cleaning etc. In case, the operator is not present, he would take the initiative and perform operator duties.

Mr. Bryan’s work consists of tasks that are considered to be highly monotonous and routine. He does not try to make his work more interesting or exciting because he seems happy and contented with his status and grateful that he is still productive. According to him, however, should he be given the chance to express his ideas, he would definitely suggest improvements of facilities in the hotel. He feels his greatest challenge now is to improve the facilities despite the lack of budget, but unfortunately, he has not come up with innovative ideas to satisfy his desire. At present, he tries to maximize the resources available and feels that he is able to satisfy the customer if he does not receive any complaints from them. This indicates that Mr. Bryan has a high sense of organizational loyalty and dedication to his job.

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Mr. Bryan likes to communicate with others, especially co- workers and his subordinates. He is sociable and comes across as a pleasant person. He tries to foster clear and open communication lines within his department so as to minimize misunderstandings and miscommunication. He desires to inspire his staff the importance and benefits of teamwork for he characterizes himself to be a team player as well.

Mr. Bryan does not hide his thoughts and emotions. He is very expressive of his feelings and explicitly says what he likes and dislikes. He does however consider the appropriateness of the situation before articulating his thought and feelings while considering others’ feelings.


• Consistent and strict with company rules.
• Displays high commitment in finishing a task.
• Sociable and communicative.
• Tactful and considerate of others’ feelings.
• Displays loyalty and sense of organizational commitment

• not applicable


Mr. Bryan has been working in Hotel Sun Jaya for 26 years. He first joined the hotel as a room boy, and was promoted to supervisor for houseman and floor after some years. At present, he holds the night housekeeper position and is responsible for all housekeeping operations during his shift.

Mr. Bryan likes to do the things in a neat and systematic manner. He displays a high commitment in finishing a task and prefers to attend to dilemmas one at a time. He still wants to do his job correctly and deliver what is expected of him, despite the fact that he is currently not inspired and does not feel the need to strive harder.

As the night housekeeper, he is responsible in demonstrating to his staff how to do things correctly, but his compliance to the rules and procedures limits his leadership skills and creativity. He prefers to look into details with great care and analyze them critically, but due to the nature of his work he is sometimes forced to make quick decisions just to satisfy the request of a customer. He admits that this method is not always effective, for he tends to make mistakes and sometimes unable to finish a task. He admits that he is old and has no opportunity to achieve higher level so he just does the routine and waits for the time to retire.

Based on above data, it is apparent that Mr. Bryan is contented and does not desire for any more promotions. He himself admits to be demotivated and has realized that his mature age is responsible for his inability to further advance in his career. It is for these reasons that Mr. Bryan is advised to be amongst those to take part of the Early Retirement Package.