Housekeeping Manager in a Hotel

Mr. Bryan has been working in housekeeping department of Hotel Sun Jaya for 26 years. He seems to have accepted the fact that due to his old age, he has no more room for advancement and has reached the peak of his career, which is why he is working for the sake of working. Despite this attitude, he still displays a high commitment in finishing tasks assigned to him.

Personally, he prefers to deal with tasks and problems one at a time. When dealing with problems, he applies his past experience and the knowledge learned through the years in this hotel. He draws out solutions that have worked for him in the past to apply to the current dilemma. He prioritizes tasks according to their importance so that his staff will be able to work on them in an organized and systematic manner that would entail to a good result. In housekeeping, the tidiness and good grooming are two important aspects that are given priority. Continue reading