Leadership and Customer Satisfaction

Mr. Lennon finds enjoyment in his current job. According to him, it is the client interaction that he loves most about his work. He prefers to attend to one task and see it through completion before starting on a new activity. He shows a high need to achieve greater accomplishments in his career and personal life and has the tendency to set high standards for himself and others. He shows flexibility in his work despite his mature age. He gives high prime to details and would prefer to handle a task himself rather than delegate to one of his three subordinates. Moreover, he appears to be a pragmatic person and possesses a macro- perspective when looking and dealing with a situation or dilemma. Continue reading

Understanding Customer Satisfaction

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Mr. Jack has been in the food and beverages department for 20 years and for this 46-year-old cheerful person, work to him is something pleasurable and important. When asked, what makes him stay here this long, he said that it is human relations between departments and organizational familial atmosphere or the so-called “kekeluargaan” that made him enjoy working for Jackson Hotel. In all his working career in the hotel’s restaurant, he only focused on one thing that is, customer satisfaction. The happy and contented type, Mr. Jack puts much effort and dedication as Head Waiter in River.

He claims that his day-to-day challenge is customer satisfaction. He tries to understand the need of the customers and will do whatever he can to accomplish satisfying his customers. To him, customer satisfaction is a priority. He admits that he even gets into trouble trying to satisfy this goal by being creative and resourceful. He starts his day at 10am and immediately checks on his staff and the smoothness of how things are going. Once a week, he would allocate some hours to train his staff and having gone through numerous training seminars, Mr. Jack seems to show his technical competence and confidence in training. Continue reading